US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken invited his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan to visit Washington for talks, as Fidan himself revealed while speaking at the Antalya Diplomatic Forum.

Hakan Fidan, when asked about Erdogan’s possible visit to the US, answered diplomatically that “both our president and Biden have elections”, as reported by Manolis Kostidis from Istanbul.

Hakan Fidan said: “At the invitation of my counterpart Anthony Blinken, a trip to the United States for a meeting of the Strategic Mechanism is planned for next week. We will take stock of various issues in our relations with the US As you know there is an important agenda.

For our president’s visit to the United States… that will be one of the issues we will work on. As you know at the moment in both countries there is an election atmosphere. In the last two months, our president has been mainly busy with the agenda of the (local) elections. The US elections are being heard. But what can be done in the interim, maybe we can discuss it when we go (to the US).”

Turkish media: “Erdogan was irritated by the pensioners’ request” – “He admitted that there is no money in the fund”

The Turkish president admitted that there is no money in the coffers and ruled out pension increases.

Erdogan: “Some people are appearing and trying to challenge our pensioners and asking for an extraordinary increase of 7,000 or 10,000 pounds. We are challenged by our pensions, and nothing else. If we didn’t nail a single nail and freeze all public investments, we still wouldn’t be able to pay these amounts.”

“All product increases, they destroyed us, they bled us dry. I’m sick I can’t stand and wait in lines. We want to avoid the queues. The people are hungry! He’s hungry! Look at our crap. Like me, people are waiting in queues.”

Turkish diplomatic source: A climate of trust and rapprochement is necessary

“Greece and Turkey must then deal with the difficult issues.”

A diplomatic source said: “Greece and Turkey are taking the necessary steps to re-approach the two countries in order to create the climate of trust that is necessary so that the governments of the two countries can then deal with the most difficult issues. It takes time and a lot of patience from both countries. As long as time passes without progress, there is always the possibility of a development that will bring a setback to bilateral relations and the effort to re-approach the two countries”.