By Penelope Galliou

Applauded by ND members in the packed Vellideio conference center, the prime minister from Thessaloniki and the stage of the ND pre-conference, raised the dilemmas of the ballot box on June 6, prematurely but imperatively at the same time, setting the tone for the pre-election confrontation that will follow the next months. In the prime minister’s campaign canvass, as was clear, a central position is occupied by SYRIZA, but without failing to include the smaller and right-wing ND parties in it as well, outlining the landscape, as it will be formed on the way to the European elections and putting the entire “blue mechanism” on alert and ready. “Our opponents will increasingly replace their deficit in political positions with vile attacks. Something that shapes our pre-election tasks accordingly” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, stressing that to the militancy of the ND’s actions it is necessary to add the maturity of the reactions. “Let’s not laugh, then! We will have a frontal confrontation. With a European background, but with a national content,” said the prime minister.

In this light, Kyriakos Mitsotakis raised the dilemma of the European elections and spoke of “a doubly important matchup, as on the one hand it will determine whether the country will continue to have political stability, whether it will stay on the path of change. And whether it will finally achieve the goals set for 2027” while on the other hand, as he said, “these Euro elections will highlight the political force that the Greek voters want to represent them in Europe. Which is the party that believes in its values ​​over time. But also which will more effectively claim the interests of the country on difficult fronts of Brussels. In other words, which faction will be tested and capable of strengthening the national voice outside our borders.”

The Prime Minister however, it also presented a third dimension of the June ballot, driven by SYRIZA’s stance in Europe, accusing him of building a black image of the country, ignoring the national divide. “And this is none other than the need to stop dragging the country internationally. Just recently, for example, SYRIZA did not hesitate to even ask for the cessation of European funding to Greece. One of its MEPs, in fact, confessed that he was the himself the initiator of a shameful resolution of the European Parliament. What did he support? Neither more nor less that the coast guard that guards the sea borders is responsible for every shipwreck of immigrants. And that Greece is supposedly ruled by… something like a “junta”. Justice not working. And with the press being silenced,” he characteristically said.

The Prime Minister he also directed his fire directly at Stefanos Kasselakis for the companies he owns abroad. “In 2016 they made a law for Mitsotakis, but in the end he cornered Kasselakis” he said and noted that “such a faction neither the moral advantage nor the Rule of Law can make its flag”.

The prime minister also sent messages with shots to the “right-wing” ND parties and referring to the instability of the international environment as well as to the “unexpected” neighbor of Greece, he emphasized that “questioning the political scene can endanger self-evident successes”. He warned that the polls “must not become an occasion for blind protest” and “leaning to the right” of the ND spoke of “pieces that see the European elections as a magnifying glass to increase their buoyancy” “False patriotism is the last refuge of the fraudster” said Mr. Mitsotakis, borrowing the phrase of the English writer Samuel Johnson.

Big bet for the prime minister, it is also increased voter participation in the June polls and the reduction of abstention, stressing that “the options for Europe must have a Greek translation” while he described laxity in voting as well as complacency as a “dangerous thing”, recalling that the ballot boxes for the European elections when they open will be empty.

However, the fact that the Greek Solution of Kyriakos Velopoulos reaches double-digit percentages in Northern Greece, while the Victory of Dimitris Natsios increases its percentages to close to 5%, bring back to the fore the criticality of Macedonia in the upcoming elections and therefore it cannot be just by chance considered yesterday’s appearance and the Prime Minister’s messages from the floor of the ND pre-conference.

A series of visits and tours by Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Northern Greece are already being prepared, as the European elections approach, in order to reverse any trend that is currently being shown towards parties “more right” than the ND.

The Church is also expected to play a critical role in the coming days, as it is not excluded that in view of the celebration of March 25, many priests will maintain the atmosphere of confrontation that arose with the government and its deputies, after the passing of the bill on same-sex couples, a fact which influences loyalists and more conservative audiences.