The answer to the 57 families is not hatred but structural reform to what hurts us, the ND MP emphasized in his speech. D. Markopoulos who was chairman of the commission of inquiry for “the investigation of the crime of Tempe”.

As he said, the committee’s work was not easy but it was “a long foot in the sorrow and pain of these families” although there were some who presented us, roughly, as anthropomorphic monsters. We are also parents and I remember the colleagues of the majority asking and having real anxiety, said Mr. Markopoulos.

Addressing personally to its head Freedom of Navigation, Mr. Markopoulos called on her to stop political hooliganism and the trade in pain: “You have the monopoly of hate, Ms. Konstantopoulou. You are a merchant and contractor of pain. Do you want to say about the government and about the prime minister, who rushed to Larissa from the first moment with a crash, what was his concern? To hide, as if he were a murderer, the evidence? Possible; And are you serious politicians? We defended the truth” underlined Mr. Markopoulos.

At the same time, he spoke about some who saw their case Tempo “as a rematch. They saw it as a “come back” of irrationality and conspiracy theories.” He also said that “some are now invoking Europe. Who; Those who in 2015, when we, with other political forces, were trying to keep Greece in Europe, they wanted to take us out of Europe. And now they even want European intervention. No one has a monopoly on pain in this room. We all hurt,” repeated Mr. Markopoulos.

He also said that as a parent he would not turn a blind eye if he felt there was something fishy: “As a parent I watched the exam and not as a politician. And if I have made some human mistakes, I apologize” added the ND MP.