Intervention for today’s front page publication of the newspaper “To Vima”, under the title, “Editing in Tempi”, is made by the Minister of State Akis Schertsos, by posting it on social media.

“Some people insist on dogging people’s pain in a sacrilegious way. And this is confirmed, unfortunately, once again by today’s front page of Vima, which allegedly comes to “reveal” with a delay of one year and 22 days the news that had already been presented by the state-owned ERT and many other media, from March 2, 2023 “, states the Minister of State, quoting relevant publications, such as from, and

And he continues: “And the flimsy narrative of the alleged “cover-up” is deconstructed by the newspaper itself and its editor, if the reader reads the text of the report. There he confesses that all the audio documents have been given by ELAS to the justice system and are part of the pre-investigative material on the basis of which charges have been brought.

Those who consider themselves to be practicing responsible or allegedly “revealing” journalism in this way on a subject that hurts all Greeks, are slandering people’s pain. And they obscure rather than enlighten,” concluding: “Our minds and hearts remain firmly with the families of the victims and the need and moral obligation we all feel for full clarification, vindication and accountability from justice.”