With spikes against Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the president of PASOK commented on the resignations of the two ND ministers.

In particular, Nikos Androulakis mentioned “you said that they want to bring you down and destabilize you and on Sunday night we were drinking with your closest associates? After all, as I read, were M and P smoking cigars or did you send them to smoke the pipe of peace with the specific financial interests? Answer us.”

Then the president of PASOK added “if you think that everything we say does not concern you, your closest partners would not have resigned a while ago. CM things unfortunately for you are exactly as we say, first the nephew then the one who took the place of the nephew and Mr. Papastavrou. The core of the corruption problem is the Maximos Palace and you know it well.”

“It is now a well-established belief among the Greek people that your government operates as a well-tuned machine of corruption, cover-up and propaganda. This is the staff state, a booty state whose priority is not the public interest but the perpetuation of the ND’s power”, said Nikos Androulakis from the floor of the Parliament, loudly attacking the government.

He emphasized that PASOK-Change Movement refuses to accept the continuous pattern of Corruption, Cover-up and Impunity in a series of sick cases.

The president of PASOK-KINAL launched a personal attack on Kyriakos Mitsotakis saying characteristically: “Mr. Mitsotakis, don’t get confused. At Megaron Maximos you are just a tenant. The sole owner is the Greek people. So as he put you in, so he will take you out. And as you go it will be sooner than you have planned.”

Mr. Androulakis criticized the government’s handling of not assigning responsibility for the Tempe tragedy, observing how “as long as there were no security systems that would have prevented any mistake, you were playing with the chances of a tragedy”, underlined the president of PASOK-KINAL , while on the occasion of the recent publication of Vimas he said that “some sick minds had another priority: they were implementing the crime of manipulating public opinion before the national elections”. He also cited the publication of Kathimerini according to which “… from 8 am of the same day,

even before the police and judicial authorities received the conversations, some had them in their possession, they had edited them and they had fed them to your friendly media outlet which published exactly what you gave it.”

He accused the government of trying to mislead the Greek people and asked for answers to the key questions: “Who took the talks? Who gilded them? Who gave them to First Topic to publish? You will not hide the truth behind your vulgar propaganda. This revelation confirms the entrenched belief of the Greek people that your only goal is the manipulation of public opinion.

Get the hangover. You cannot convince Greek society that nothing is going on, that “shut up the matter”,

that a corrupt hand in the evening when all Greece was mourning, took the talks, gilded them and gave them to the First Theme.

We want to know who this dangerous and ruthless hand is. Who gave the order at 4 in the morning for an employee to enter the OSE, take the conversations and pass them at 8 in the morning to the emails of the highest officials of the Organization”.

He scathingly commented on Costas Karamanlis’ speech yesterday, saying that he had the audacity to appear as an accuser.:: “…the crime of infidelity means corruption, Mr. Karamanlis. Your warm applause yesterday to the man who called “shame” on those who doubt safety on trains just days before the tragedy shows you have zero empathy. You insult Greek society with your behavior. However, he did not say a word about the Transparency Authority’s conclusion. He contradicted the conclusion of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which finds responsibility in himself and Mr. Spirtzis.

He completely ignored the report of experts appointed by the government itself which highlighted the non-implementation of the 717 convention as one of the main reasons for the conflict. He said nothing about the “blue swindler” of the ill-fated station master’s illegal transfer.

This is the “blue meritocracy”, which you have made a flag”!

His criticism was also severe about the emails to the Expatriates from Ms. Asimakopoulou. “This is a scandalous method for which the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior, Mrs. Kerameos, must be held accountable,” stressed the president of PASOK. He also said the wiretapping comes to complete the puzzle of irresponsibility, corruption and impunity and added: “Even today you have not given convincing answers, but neither have you allowed the investigation to be conducted. The wiretapping inquiry was the rehearsal for what happened at the Tempe inquiry. The main protagonists have not yet been subpoenaed, nor has identification been made to see if the phones targeted with Predator were also under surveillance by the EYP at the same time.

And to be clear: the wiretapping was not a human rights scandal. But a heavy financial one. Some made millions by exposing the country internationally.”

“What I have to say to you in closing is that there is no stability without justice. Without justice, citizens’ trust in democracy, institutions and politics is lost. And there is no trust without honesty and accountability. The stability you hypocritically invoke,

it doesn’t come by brushing problems under the rug. We will not be shaken by your characterizations, by the behind-the-scenes war and character assassinations, we will do everything we can to block the arrogance and impunity of the government of New Democracy”, concluded Nikos Androulakis.