With 159 “against” and 141 “for” the motion of no confidence filed on Tuesday by Nikos Androulakis on behalf of PASOK, SYRIZA, the New Left and Plefsis Eleftherias.

“No” was voted by the 158 MPs of New Democracy and the independent MP Haris Katsivardas.

As the Speaker of the Parliament, K. Tasoulas, stated, this is the motion of no confidence that lasted longer than any other.

It is recalled that this is the fourth time that Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been called upon to defend the majority he holds in the Parliament.

For identification, and absolute alignment, with a certain group, earlier accused him Nikos Androulakis the Prime Minister, wondering why he did not file a motion of impeachment on other major issues such as wiretapping or the rule of law. “I will not co-govern with any paracentrist at the helm of the country” was the message of Mr. Mitsotakis to the plenary session of the Parliament on the motion of no confidence against the government, submitted by the president of PASOK-KINAL.

“Konstantinos Karamanlis once wondered who rules this place. The answer has been given… The sovereign people, and not bloated purses, and if some people think that everyone and everything can be redeemed, they are in deep sleep” explained the Prime Minister.

If a publisher, a big businessman, has political ambitions to enter the arena, let him appear openly. But he himself, not through proxies, underlined.