By Antonis Anzoletou

No motion of no confidence after the election resulted in the fall of the respective government. The resignation of the two ministers is the tangible result of yesterday’s process that “hurt” the Maximos Palace despite the “159” nos it gathered.

This fact alone created euphoria yesterday in Parliament among the four forces that caused the three-day debate. PASOK, SYRIZA, New Left and Pleussi Eleftherias can talk about his defeat Maximusas in addition to the forced changes in the government structure, many questions were raised in relation to both the circumstances of the tragic accident, but mainly about the cover-up and the misleading of public opinion for which they blame the majority.

What did the opposition collectively say in Parliament yesterday? That every time the prime minister is apologizing, he “sacrifices” one of his close associates. The tension was evident yesterday when Kyriakos Mitsotakis took the stage. It is certain that the four parties, as well as the other forces, will try to take advantage of the new data that exists. The rally in which New Democracy invested last night “grayed out” due to the resignations of Stavros Papastavros and Yiannis Bratakos.

Nikos Androulakis said that “the core of the corruption problem is in Megaros Maximos and you know it well”.

Sokratis Famellos asked the prime minister if he knows what is happening in his house. Parliamentary officials estimated that even today’s celebratory increase in the minimum wage, announced by the prime minister to the cabinet, will not take the dimension he would like.

“Clouds” have thickened for the first time in five years over Maximus. No one imagined that this would happen a year after the Tempe accident.

In the opposition, they believe that the government is being “punished” by the fact that it did not allow a normal investigation of the case through the Commission of Inquiry that was completed. But also for the preliminary investigation that was not accepted to take place. They talk about the arrogance of 41% which was considered a “blank cheque”.

They expect that after the motion of no confidence, the public opinion polls that will see the light of day will cause further reflection among the staff of Maximos. The truth, however, is that New Democracy has gone through “forty waves” since 2019 and has proven to be particularly resilient. SYRIZA insists that the request for an immediate appeal to the polls is more relevant than ever with Stefanos Kasselakis bringing it up very often in his public discourse.

The landscape otherwise will not change. SYRIZA and PASOK will continue to clash for the second place in the European elections and New Left and Freedom Sailing to secure with relative comfort a percentage of more than 3% leading to Brussels.