On Sunday, April 14, 2024 the primary elections for the nomination of the candidates for the SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance ballot for the European elections of June 9, 2024 will be held. The president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis with a new video posted on social media, he reminds the citizens that they will elect the MEP candidates who will enter the party’s ballot.

“Because the strength of the new SYRIZA is you, as I promised you from the very beginning” mentions Stefanos Kasselakis and adds that one does not need to be a member to vote, but the friends of SYRIZA also vote.

The post of Stefanos Kasselakis

We started something unprecedented for Greece:

For the first time, our MEP candidates are not chosen by the President or “the President’s people”, which, after all, do not exist.

But you choose them.

Because the strength of the new SYRIZA is you, as I promised you from the very beginning.

Our fellow citizens from the territory, but also from the diaspora, declared their participation to be candidates for MEPs. Now they are at your discretion.

On Sunday, April 14, you will draw up the SYRIZA European ballot paper with your vote. No offsets, no sticky notes, no political balances.


Those who registered to vote online can vote at isyriza.gr.
Those who wish to vote in person this Sunday, you can find here the polling station where you can go: https://euroekloges.syriza2024.gr

On Sunday, April 14, vote!

You don’t need to be a member.

The friends of SYRIZA also vote.

Because, members and friends you are our strength.

See how in a short time we turned SYRIZA into a digital party that gives power to the grassroots.

Imagine what changes we will bring to the country, to our Republic.

For a social, green and fair Greece!

* On the site https://euroekloges.syriza2024.gr all the candidates per Region with their CVs are posted.

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