In Kozani, the Greek Table Tennis Cup for men and women


Kozani will host the 2023-2024 Greek Men’s-Women’s Table Tennis Cup. From the beginning the big intercollegiate event was assigned to Northern Greece, the place had to be found and it was finalized a few days ago. The matches will take place on the weekend of 25-26 May 2024 in the comfortable and attractive indoor gym of Lefkovrysi, with the wonderful Macedonian city having in the recent past held open development tournaments and a Grand Final at the same institution. The municipality of Kozani and the Region of Western Macedonia will be co-organizers with E.F.O.E.P.A. – Local Committee of Northern Greece and as it emerged from meetings they will help in some things by lightening the federation. In addition, the Kozani Table Tennis Association will provide valuable support in the organizational part.

“As SEA Kozani we are also in contact with some sponsors to ensure the supply of some products to all participants (athletes, coaches, referees, executives), while we are preparing the poster of the games. The bet is to attract teams so that there is a decent participation in our city in order to promote the event and our sport as much as possible”, he said on the E.F.O.E.P.A. website. the president of the local union Konstantinos Didaskalou.

The Greek Cup is essentially the continuation of the season’s Local Cups. They have the right to compete with 16 men’s teams and the same number of women’s teams with the minimum number of participants being 8 and 6 respectively.

The system of conduct is the progressive knock out with ranking of all positions. The system of each team match provides that the winner is the team that will first achieve three wins in the five matches in the order of matches A1-B2, A2-B1, A3-B3, A1-B1, double.

Along the way, a table with the teams with the right to participate in the Greek Cup from the qualification of the Local Cup and a table with the teams with the right to participate based on the position will be announced on the EFOEPA competitions website them on the evaluation board.

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