Turkey was outraged by the comparison Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the “struggle” of his allies Hamas and the Free Syrian Army with his “national resistance” Kemal against the Greeks on the Asia Minor front.

“The Free Syrian Army has been organized and they support their own country and we support them. It is a movement of resistance like the national resistance groups in our own liberation struggle” Tayyip Erdogan said as reported by Manolis Kostidis.

The Turkish president announced on Wednesday that the leader of Hamas Ismail Haniya will come to Turkey. “On the weekend, the leader of the Palestine struggle will be my guest. Together we will talk about many issues,” he said.

“But how is it possible to resemble? the “National Resistance” groups with those of Free Syrian Army beheading people, with Hamas, which we don’t know who is behind it, and has the ability to kill innocent citizens… I do not accept this. This is an insult to Kemal Atatürk and all our dead,” asked the presenter of the Turkish network SOZCU