Stefanos Kasselakis is in Syros, the first stop of the tour he is carrying out to 29 islands over a period of ten days.

As he notes in a related post on social media, the president of SYRIZA PS wants to convey “our message from Kythnos to Rho and from Arkios to Skyros: There are no forgotten, marginalized Greeks for us”.

Mr. Kasselakis reports that they started today “with Admiral Apostolakis and our team” and while they were supposed to leave at 10am, they waited for the winds to drop and set sail at 1pm. “The whole Aegean is in front of us.

For 10 whole days. Over 1000 nautical miles. I will visit 29 islands, in a tour that no politician has ever done”, he says, to note: “I want to convey our message from Kythnos to Rho and from Arkios to Skyros: There are no forgotten for us, marginalized Greeks”. In addition, he emphasizes that he wants to convey “our program for accuracy, security, taxation, the reform of the State to our islanders, who live in the most pivotal point of our homeland”, but also to record in person, “island by island, the problems of the residents”. “I said it yesterday: All my endurance – all our strength at the service of our fellow citizens from one end to the other in Greece. For a better life”, emphasizes the president of SYRIZA.

According to information, due to the strong Beaufort, the first stop of Mr. Kasselakis’ tour was finally Kythnos and then they went to Syros. “It’s hard to get the month out”, workers at the port told him, in a short friendly conversation they had upon arrival on the island.

The issue of the increased difficulties of living on the islands and the particularities they face, was raised in the meeting held by the president of SYRIZA with the Board of the Chamber of Cyclades in Ermoupoli, with Mr. Kasselakis underlining the importance that SYRIZA attaches to how the islands will they have a permanent population all year round and how will new people come to start their lives there. “Recently we have been going backwards”, they told him, “due to the increased costs, the restaurants are closing from September on most of the islands, life in winter even in Syros starts to decline”. They pointed out to Mr. Kasselakis that the tour he will take “will be a shocking experience, because you will be able to see the specifics that are difficult for someone to describe to you from afar, if you don’t see them up close”.

After the meeting at the Chamber, Mr. Kasselakis met with the mayor of the island, Alexis Athanasiou. The official opposition leader emphasized that SYRIZA produces positions on many issues, especially on economic issues, taxation, accuracy, security issues. He noted that obviously the issue of insularity is very important to SYRIZA, as it has been important to SYRIZA from the beginning, making special mention of the work of Nektarios Santorinis to establish the metaphorical equivalent of a SYRIZA government. “We had a great collaboration with the late Nektarios”, emphasized Mr. Athanasiou for his part.

At the beginning of the meeting, the mayor commented on the difficult weather in which the president of SYRIZA sailed with his team, with Mr. Apostolakis commenting that “if you see the boat we are traveling on, no one will believe that we are traveling”, adding that they traveled with “7araki”.