Victim of “sexual harassment” by Zoe Konstantopoulou reports that she fell today, Monday morning the mayor of Volos, Achilleas Beos.

In his post on social media, the mayor of Volos posted the short dialogue they had, while he appears strongly annoyed.

The post in detail:

“After the morning incident in the forecourt of the Courthouse, where our paths crossed with Zoe Konstantopoulou, I am even more concerned about the inexplicable obsession, a real “sticking”, that she has with my person. Her address as she passed me “hello doll, what are you doing?” it can only be interpreted in two ways.

One as a “teaser”, although she clearly lacks, among many other things, humor. And the other as sexual harassment, which I don’t want to believe. Mainly because of my self-esteem. In any case, it is a special preference of hers for me, inexplicable as I neither know her, nor have I ever met her, nor have I ever spoken to her. This luck, I confess, I had…

In the end, I come to the conclusion that perhaps it is a publicity mania, especially in view of the European elections…”