Five persons among the dozens arrested are said to be its moral perpetrators murderous attack against the policeman, Giorgos Lyggeridis to Renti.

According to the SKAI report, they are accused of organizing the attacks on Rentis and of moral complicity and complicity in the murder of the 31-year-old policeman, as well as of a criminal organization that, as a roving army, participated in at least 10 incidents of violence in sports venues.

Who are the 5 main cast members?

The mastermind of the attacks – “Kontos”

A 40-year-old man, known as Iosif or “short”, is said to be the main organizer of the attacks against the police forces, the head of an organized gang. In fact, the attack on the closed Melina Merkouris gym in Rentis was apparently a planned retaliation for what had happened in Volos 3 days before. They said characteristically “let’s go clean them”, “finish them”. This was the slogan that the leader was saying, meaning the policemen, who would be in Rentis.

According to the report, “Kontos” at the time of his arrest on Sunday night in a cafe in Ioannina, had 5,000 euros and 4 mobile phones in his pockets, with the police speculating that he was trying to escape abroad.

The “storekeeper”

The second protagonist is the 27-year-old Omle, manager of a well-known trapper, noted leader of the association in Ilion. He was a defendant in at least 4 court cases. He is the one who relayed the attack orders and brought in reinforcements. In fact, he was also one of the “key holders” of the warehouse from which he allegedly transported weapons and naval flares, and he is said to have been the one who gave the fatal flare to the 18-year-old who confessed to hitting the unfortunate policeman.

The “Romanian”, “Shark” and “Kokos”

There is also a 36-year-old with the nickname “Romanian”. In fact, he was among those arrested in the fight that happened in April at the Karaiskakis stadium in the context of an internal dispute between Olympiakos fans.

At the same time, there are also two 31-year-olds known by the nicknames, “Sharks” which means shark, a well-known association of Olympiakos and “Coconut”. The latter was arrested in 2013 for 4 racist attacks as a member of Golden Dawn, among which in a barbershop of a man of Pakistani origin in Metamorfosi. A pistol was also found in his possession.

20 in basic core, 40 boosts

According to the report, twenty more arrested they were the main executive core for the occurrence of incidents and attacks, while 40 more were the collaborators with extraordinary participations in order to give a “numerical superiority” to the plan of energies

As part of the house searches, the findings that were seized included 2 pistols, one in the possession of “Koko”, naval flares, knives, collapsible gloves as well as drugs.

It is noted that in one case of arrest that took place today, the perpetrator hit the policeman with a collapsible glove, who was taken to the hospital. When asked by the police why he did it he said “I thought you were thieves”.

How they got to them and what they attribute to them

According to the SKAI report, immediately after the fatal wounding of Giorgos Lyggeridis, the police decided to conduct a long-term investigation into the formation of a criminal organization. This investigation was completed today and it attributes to the defendants involvement in 14 cases of sports violence.

A high-definition video taken by one of the organized Olympiacos fans at the stadium to “upload” on social media appears to have played a key role. So far, it remains unclear how he got into the hands of the police.

The video shows all the preparatory actions taken until they leave the stands and go outside to clash with the police.

There were also a number of declassifications. Who called whom in the critical hours following the injury of the 31-year-old policeman.

In addition, the evidence collected from the scene of the incidents also played a key role, there was their comparison with the 400 people who were brought immediately after the incidents.

In detail, the cases with which the involved persons are connected are as follows:

  • December 2023 Panthessaliko: Episodes in Volos-Olympiakos
  • March 2019 Ilion: Injuring a female Panathinaikos fan with a knife
  • April 2019 Traganas Toll: Knife attack on AEK fans
  • December 2021 Karaiskakis Stadium: Episodes with MAT
  • December 2022 Neo Faliro: Incidents and arson of cars
  • December 2022 Zosimades: Episodes at PAS Ioannina -Olympiakos
  • April 2023 Karaiskakis Stadium: Attack on AEK coach
  • July 2023 Marathon Avenue: Panathinaikos fan injured with a knife
  • April 2024 Karaiskakis Stadium: Incidents between Olympiakos fans