On his TV and in the show “Today” by Akis Pavlopoulos the member of the ND was a guest on Tuesday morning, Dora Bakoyanniswhich commented, among other things, on the result of European elections.

Initially, Mrs. Bakoyannis referred to the huge abstention, which has many reasons, pointing out that “there are those who did not care, there are those who consciously did not go and wanted to send a message, as well as others who said “guys, it’s time to park some reeds”, which actually exist”.

“Bad lies, in every government there is every nut. There are the people of the state apparatus, that is, the appointees, the general secretaries, who are judged and accountable, even if they are not elected. The prime minister will examine all this and act accordingly.”

Invited to talk about the scenarios about restructuring, he emphasized that it would be a “huge mistake to enter into the logic of “I am reshaping to give a political message”. The ND had done it in the past in Samara and it cost us a lot”, while he added:

“The government has been elected with a mandate to implement a specific program. The problem is not left or right, but to deal with the deep state, which continues to exist. To change it, of course, there is no magic button, it takes work.

“Let’s not take back the measure with presumptions to the freelancers – Immediate support of the Competition Commission is needed”

Afterwards, the ND member of parliament emphasized that it would be a mistake to withdraw the measure with the evidence to the freelancerspresenting the argument that “with 60 billion tax evasion, whoever declares a salary is grossly unfair, this is not allowed in any modern democratic society, while for accuracy stated:

“If you go to France you get desperate, the same in Germany. There is a problem, a large part of which is the lack of competitiveness in Greece. The Competition Commission needs to be immediately reinforced with high-level executives for this job. It is a decision made by the government. Don’t forget we went through a pandemic that disrupted the global market, then we entered the energy crisis. The ships that bring the products from China have tripled their fares.”

Finally, Mrs. Bakoyannis did not fail to refer to the other leaders of the opposition, noting that “Kasselakis and Androulakis must be concerned with the election result. We have to worry too. Therefore, the message was disapproving of the entire political staff and it is a mistake to think that we conveyed to the world the importance of the European elections.”