By Penelope Galliou

Effective state and combat precision are arguably two of the most important declared goals of the government and the new government “battle” staff that emerged from last week’s reshuffle.

On the same scale, on the other side, there is the determination and speed that everyone must demonstrate, in order for these goals to be achieved with a direct impact on the everyday life of the citizen.

With these coordinates, o Kyriakos Mitsotakisreturning from Brussels, proceeds to implement his commitments and his exhortations to the ministers, knowing very well himself and his staff, that there is no time to lose.

Although, the situation that prevails in the center-left and within the opposition could act as a deterrent for the government that seems to come out less hurt by the recent European elections, compared to the SYRIZA and PASOK, however, the message he received from the ballot box does not allow for complacency and inaction.

In this context, Kyriakos Mitsotakis opens the portfolio of the ministries, starting with the Ministry of the Interior, with whose leadership he had a scheduled meeting yesterday afternoon at the Maximos Palace. Movement that is a typical indication of the immediate actions required to strengthen and staff critical sectors of the public sector.

ASEP does not work. I’m sorry to say it so dryly. His rates are disappointing. We can’t wait this long for nurses to be appointed to our hospitals, we have to do something. This issue is a top priority for me. One way or another I have to deal with it. Because it’s one thing to say we hired and another to say on paper. Needless to say, they sat and worked. We are talking about 3,000 nurses, it is not a small number”, the prime minister said in a recent television interview, showing his intentions to speed up recruitment, especially in critical sectors such as the health sector which has a direct impact on serving citizens.

During the meeting, the Minister of the Interior Thodoris Livanios and the Deputy Minister of the Interior Paraskevi Charalambogianni presented proposals for the simplification of the procedures provided for the new applications that are examined by the Supreme Personnel Selection Council (ASEP).

The digitization of the procedures followed today was discussed, with the aim of faster control of applications through the extraction of data from services such as and Taxisnet. In this way, the certified qualifications of the candidates will be updated immediately, thus limiting the checks carried out by ASEP and contributing to the reduction of the time for examination of applications. In addition, the development of ASEP’s interoperability with government agencies involved in public sector recruitment processes was discussed in order to address unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles that currently delay the filling of positions and to further strengthen ASEP’s prestige.

At the same time, this morning at 10 am the prime minister will visit the Ministry of Development, broadcasting the government’s firm will to adapt and strengthen policies and strategies against the biggest problem facing citizens, punctuality.

“Development is a condition for collective well-being but also for social cohesion” Kyriakos Mitsotakis had stated during his last visit to the specific ministry and with this perspective, the ministers involved have been asked to update the measures and policies implemented and to strengthen them with news if needed to combat accuracy.

The same time, Palace of Maximus and Piraeus they also have their eyes set on the meeting of the ND parliamentary group which is scheduled for next Wednesday, in order to evaluate the election result there as well and to dispel the “voices of concern” expressed by some MPs regarding the message of ballot box and the political orientation of the ruling party. According to government sources, however, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is said to be determined to defend the enlargement policy that he followed throughout the previous period, without compromising the principles and values ​​of the blue faction. Besides, according to the prime minister, the political map he has drawn does not have “hypocritical turns to the right, to the left or to the center, but a direction only forward”.