In an atmosphere of introversion and intra-party confrontation amid the ongoing questioning of the person of PASOK’s president, Nikos Androulakis, the party’s political council and Parliamentary Group met.

Mr. Androulakis during his deposition spoke about climate of toxicitywhile evaluating his own work, he said that during his presidency, PASOK got out of the “quagmire”, at the same time calling on the party executives to “not tear down what we built”.

Regarding the result of the European elections that the party led to intra-party crisisthe president of PASOK, making his self-criticism, took full responsibility.

At the meeting of the Political Council of PASOK the Petros Efthymiou, Pavlos Geroulanos and Manolis Christodoulakis they raised the issue of a leader, calling for grassroots elections immediately. It is noted that Kostas Skandalidis has also requested grassroots elections.

Harsh criticism of Mr. Androulakis was also made by Nadia Yinnakopoulouwhich again called for grassroots elections to elect a new party president.

On his part, Mr George Papandreouaddressed a message of unity, saying characteristically “to be able to unite and dominate the space of the Center-Left”.

The decisions are now postponed to the meeting of the Central Committee, which will take place on June 30.