Messi: “Argentina is the favorite, I fulfilled all my dreams and even more”

Messi: “Argentina is the favorite, I fulfilled all my dreams and even more”

THE Lionel Messi considers Argentina to be the favorite in the Copa America, which starts early on Friday.

I have always said and I repeat that Argentina is the favorite. We are always the best, but we must not take things for granted: this is how we have suffered so many blows in the past. Today we can say that we are the best because we are the world champions, but that does not mean that we will win this Copa America walking» he said in an interview on America TV with the journalist and former president of San Lorenzo, Marcelo Tinelli.

Argentina has a generation of very good players, who know what they want and are intense” and also included Colombia, Uruguay and Brazil in the group of favourites. “That’s why I say it will be a very, very tough Copa America. The team knows this and knows that we will have to give our best and more to win again».

He feels fulfilled after winning the Copa America and the World Cup within 18 months. “I was always grateful for the love I received during my career. It was like everyone wanted it to end like this, that I couldn’t leave football without being a world champion. And thank god it happened, it was a revenge for the defeat in 2014. I fulfilled all my dreams and achieved even more. I never imagined that I would experience all this. I think everything happens for a reason and everything is written“, he pointed out.

Source: Sport Fm

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