In the Heraklion the Minister of Citizen Protection is located Michalis Chrysochoidiswho earlier attended a wide-ranging meeting attended by officers, commanders of the AT and the Security Departments, the Traffic and also those in charge of the Juvenile and Domestic Violence Offices on the island.

The meeting was held at Heraklion Police Stationwith Mr. Chrysochoidis congratulating the Police of Crete for its efficiency, saying however that the effort continues and will be intensified in the next period.

During the press conference granted by Mr. Chrysochoidis, he referred to the incidents of domestic violence that in Crete in the first 5 months of 2024, reached 498, while, as he pointed out, 338 arrests were made.

“The Police, at the initiative of the Greek government, have introduced a series of legislative regulations that protect first of all female victims of domestic violence,” said Mr. Chrysochoidis, adding that the optimistic thing is that they are starting to “open their mouths” and such incidents of violence to be reported.

“It is very important that the Greek Police with the social face that demonstrates, protects and saves human lives” emphasized the Minister of Citizen Protection, who added that of the two Domestic Violence offices that were operating on the island, there are already four – one in every prefecture – which cover the needs of Crete, “from the most mountainous areas to the urban centers”. At the same time, with regard to dealing with incidents of domestic violence, he pointed out that focusing on the safety of the victims, in consultation with the responsible Minister of Social Cohesion and Family, Sofia Zaharakis, what is being attempted is to multiply the accommodation structures for women and children, victims of domestic violence.

M. Chrysochoidis also referred to juvenile violencefor which he said that a great effort is being made to deal with it, with the presence of the police and in places where young people gather, talking about a 20% reduction in incidents.

“This is only a first step in order to give an overwhelming response” said Mr. Chrysochoidis, adding that the effort in this matter is done in conjunction with the provisions on bowling implemented by the Ministry of Education in schools.

With a focus on Traffic, he stated that the goal is to reduce traffic accidents and improve road behavior, commenting that in Crete in particular a 250% increase in attestation of violations is recorded.

“The next step is to strengthen the forces of the Traffic Police, so that it can be the vanguard for the protection of human life on the roads of the island, but also throughout the country” added Mr. Chrysochoidis.

The Minister of Citizen Protection was also clear about her sports violencetalking about the huge progress that has been made in the last months and after the passing of the sports law.

“Criminal groups are everywhere, they move everywhere and the Greek Police are taking measures” said the minister, adding that “the year ended very well” however the effort “is a marathon and we will continue the fight so that we have safe stadiums, safe sports events dances and every day more and more parents, to join with their children as spectators, for fun in the stadiums”.

As far as organized crime is concerned, he mentioned the establishment of the new service, the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, which will have a nationwide scope and will operate in the fall.

“We will start with highly specialized personnel, with excellent officers, with dedicated professionals and with modern methods, with the aim of fighting a disease that strikes society and the economy, which is organized crime.”

At the same time, Mr. Chrysochoidis, against the background of animal theft on the island and with the aim, as he emphasized, to suppress the phenomenon, stated that “the legislation will be further improved”, while with regard to the special problems facing the island and related to organized crime, he said that “the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime will be present in Crete as well”.