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Venizelos: Why is the Mitsotaki-Erdogan meeting imperative?


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THE Evangelos Venizelos considers positive fact the meeting of the Prime Minister, Kyriakou Mitsotaki and the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan tomorrow at Constantinopleespecially under the new data that shapes the security in the wider area o war in Ukraine.

“Everyone talks to everyone, many mediation efforts are developed, new or latent relationships and possibilities are revealed. Turkey and Israel, for example, appear to have privileged contacts with Russia, which is crucial to their security and which links the war in Ukraine with the war in Syria. In this climate, it would be a great mistake for Greece and Turkey, two NATO member countries, not to talk, already since 1952 under harsh Cold War conditions, crucial for the operation of the so-called southeastern wing, two countries of the Eastern Mediterranean that “, despite the known problems in their relations, they have many similarities”, says Mr. Venizelos in an interview with “Nea”.

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Mr. Venizelos commenting on Europe’s attitude towards Russian invasion in Ukrainepoints out that its common denominator also appeared West as a strategic entity and not as a geographical location and emphasizes: “Liberal democracy is the territory of the West. Whoever wins ideologically wins both culturally and technologically and militarily. This was evident in the way both World War II and the Cold War ended. “In the same way, the resurgence that seeks to rewrite the end of the Cold War 33 years later will end.”

As for where Greece belongs Evangelos Venizelos is clear: “Greek history for two hundred years moves on two asymptotic levels. A level of rhetoric, full of illusions, atavisms, misery, identity crises. And a real level that increased the territory, the population, the national wealth, stabilized the country’s position in Europe and in the West in general, established a liberal democracy and, despite the problems, inequalities, injustices and contradictions, is a great success. story to which Greece belongs and which belongs to the Greeks “.

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