Papandreou-Larissa: “We are not going to become anyone’s crutch” |


“Our first concern is to formulate a progressive policy for the country. We are not going to become anyone’s crutch. We are going to overturn the correlations “, said the candidate for president of KINAL, George Papandreou, from Larissa during his speech.

Mr. Papandreou said that as KINAL “we guarantee the dignity of the citizen”, noting that “our goal is to express the majority of the Greek people and a broad alliance of social forces, against rusfetology and the client practice that wants the Greek and the Greek woman to beg for eyebrows “.

“I have always believed in the autonomy of the faction that carried the rescue of the country on its backs,” he said elsewhere in their speech, referring to that period of government, noting that “difficult decisions were made.” “I had to harden my heart when I made these decisions, but I knew we had to save the country from a tragic situation we were in. “The Greece of hope was taken over by the government of Mr. Karamanlis and handed over to the brink of bankruptcy,” he said.

The former prime minister and candidate for president of KINAL referred to the entire period of PASOK government, to emphasize that “we are the faction that fought and formed the NSS that we all remember today.” At the same time, “we went ahead and promoted free education, the democratic renewal of the country and self-government.” He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

“We will once again make our party the protagonist of the developments. Power of responsibility. This bond that historically unites us, endured “he said characteristically and added:” It is necessary to end the cachectic dichotomy ND – SYRIZA that oppresses our country from 2012 onwards. “Today’s bipolarity cultivates fatalism, at a time when we are required to mobilize all our national forces to move forward and face the great challenges.”


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