Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Flamengo sends a message to Palmeiras with a massacre at Morumbi


There are days you shouldn’t get out of bed.

Even if it is a sunny Sunday like Sunday (14) in São Paulo.

If Rogério Ceni and his tricolors had known they would have turned on their side and remained in it, the bed.

Losing Flamengo by WO would be as bizarre as the defeat that would happen on Morumbi’s lawn and in front of the angry São Paulo fans.

At 23 seconds, it was 1-0 for the Cariocas. With 4 minutes it was 2-0. At 10, Calleri was criminally charged and ended up being expelled.

If 11 against 11 is difficult, with one less it was impossible, and the ball is missing a pair.

Flamengo took off their foot, but did not give up making 3-0, even before the break, with the right, then, to Michael’s kettle ball, to outrage the tricolor players – since football didn’t play, they just took it a vario.

Ah, yes, up until then, the goalscorers were Gabigol, Bruno Henrique and Michael.

At 10 minutes into the second half, the scorers remained the same, but the score was already 4-0, because the devilish Michael expanded.

It was a homeopathic, dropper massacre.

If Flamengo is unlikely to be three-time champions, as only São Paulo has been, it is easier to imagine the tricolor relegation, which also never happened with the rubro-negros.

They sent a clear message to Palmeiras, the rival in the continental final: “We’re alive, very much alive!”.
Sleeping for sleeping, better in bed than on the bench.

augustly obvious

The Corinthians coach Sylvinho had a fit of common sense and did the obvious: he selected Renato Augusto in the right position, in midfield, and what he saw against marrento Cuiabá filled the eyes, with a show of his passing, a great goal and ingenious release for another.

The coach made a mistake when he took it when Mato Grosso made it 2 to 3. The substitution would be made with 3 to 1, but Luan was still on the edge of the field when Cuiabá decreased.

Even so, he kept the exchange that almost costs the victory.

Corinthians fans will thank Tite, with whom Sylvinho worked, if the coach of the national team calls the newcomer and asks Renato Augusto to stay with him so he can go to the Cup.


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