Lebanese: Experienced auditors will quickly look at investments

Lebanese: Experienced auditors will quickly look at investments

“We give the opportunity to specialized and experienced financial auditors to examine quickly the investments“, Said the Undersecretary of Digital Government Thodoris Livaniosreferring to the provisions of the amendment to the evaluation process for the inclusion in the scheme of aid for investment projects for the production of audiovisual works.

The process of rapid review of investment plans will involve certified auditors who will be able to quickly control investments, he said. Thodoris Livanios and commenting on a SYRIZA announcement, in relation to the specific regulations, he observed: “We are accused that the certified auditors who will control the investment plans are a monument of opacity. The certified auditors who audit the balance sheets of all companies in the country. The certified auditors who are certified and have deep knowledge to really examine. This is exactly what is being done with the amendment. We enable specialized and experienced financial auditors to quickly examine the investments “.

That, he said Undersecretary of Digital Government, is done for the simple reason that the number of private producers included in the right of financing of EKOME has increased. In fact, Mr. Livanios did not fail to mention that it was a very positive initiative of the government of SYRIZA and Lefteris Kretsos to conceive the idea of ​​EKOME and “on this idea, the current government stepped in and built and continues and enriches.”

“There is no opacity. What we do is we put jurors, because its staff ΕΚΟΜΕ “can not cope with all the requests as the volume is large”, said Mr. Libanios and added that it is important that international productions “now come and return to Greece” and the Greek landscapes are utilized, in international productions, because they are also a free tourist tour of the country.

The Undersecretary also said that with amendment of the Ministry of Digital Government, is given to municipalities the ability to finance the supply, installation, mode and maintenance of Supplementary Coverage Stations, in order to be able to install local transponders in an easy process, in order to serve the needs of television coverage of the local population. Responsible for this installation is the digital terrestrial broadband network provider. Municipalities in real need will be subsidized for this purpose by the white area program.

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