Georgantas: The platform for declaring stocks of raw materials opens from Monday


From Monday, April 4, the platform opens through which entrepreneurs must declare the available quantities that exist in specific products, mainly raw materials (wheat, corn, flour, sunflower oil, etc.), he told Channel One, of Piraeus, the Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. George Georgantasin an interview with journalists George Sarantakos and Chryssa Sarantopoulou.

This recording, as Mr. Georgantas explained, should be updated every five working days, so that there is better control of stocks and to prevent any speculative effort. Already, from the audits that have been done, fines of 1,500,000 euros have been imposed on companies, for attempted profiteering, said the Ministry of Regional Development, adding that the state’s obligation is to check if any revaluation is justified based on the increase of raw materials. Especially for those who try to speculate, Mr. Georgantas said that the state will be strict. “In such a period it is not only illegal, it is also completely immoral, for anyone who attempts it,” he noted.

He reiterated that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development supports farmers to have as much production as possible and referred to the measures of 200 million euros that are being implemented. He added that in the coming days, it will be announced how the 45m-euro aid will be distributed to farmers to buy feed, based on last year’s turnover.

End, Mr Georgantas said it had been secured by the EUfor many products that we exported and went to the warring countries, to activate the State Aid measure, for the absorption of these products in the domestic markets.

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