SYRIZA Conference: Openings for collaborations and self-criticism by Alexis Tsipras


By Antonis Anzoletos

In a festive atmospherein the presence of Zoran Zaef, Alexis Tsipras announced the start of the work of the 3rd Congress of SYRIZA. With his speech he opened a very big “fan” of issues that will occupy the top instrument until Sunday afternoon. Applying a “political umbrella” did not lack references to the “strong left” that the place needs, but neither does the old one “green” slogan for “the sun must rise”. The leader of the official opposition asked the party members to carry the message of “victory” and “hope” everywhere, as they “bear a historical responsibility”, towards “the social majority that is once again in a state of plunder”. .


Alexis Tsipras speaking for the period of SYRIZA governance He acknowledged that the tax was levied, but stressed that the party was forced to submit to troika demands. «We are well aware that there can be no fair development with a disproportionate burden on entrepreneurship and the middle class. But then we had no choice but to take the leash off the neck of the country. That was the priority“, He stated characteristically, opening the conversation that the left wing was urgently asking for. He made it clear that the rapprochement of the middle class, which deprived him of victory in the 2019 elections, is his priority.

Progressive governance

There has been a lot of talk in SYRIZA about expansion to the center area with Alexis Tsipras clarifying that what needs to be done is “to extend our hand to all the progressive forces of the place. To overcome the problems of the past that separated us and hurt us». He attempted in his opening speech to overcome the barriers that have been set from time to time and especially the harsh characterizations of the deep memorandum period with PASOK . He opened the doors of SYRIZA declaring his opposition to the red lines that have entered so far. «There is a place and a role for everyone, regardless of ideological differences “he pointed out, giving his position for ending the exclusions.

Opening at KINAL

He photographed once again the party of Nikos Androulakis asking to play from now on with “open cards”. “We want to be and are open to cooperation based on a common program of democracy and progress. And let no one forget. “Society and history justify those who did not hesitate to enter the battle and fight for bread and justice.”. The president of SYRIZA gave the signal that the pressure on KINAL will intensify in the next period. It’s something that does not cost the party. He appeared convinced from the podium of the Congress that it is possible to form a progressive government from the first Sunday of the elections by simple proportional representation.

Internal party unity

«I call on you to open the party in society without fear and prejudice. Trust party members without asterisks, theoretical pretexts, and truth ownership syndromes“, Was the message of Alexis Tsipras that he wishes to end the cycle of introversion into which SYRIZA entered from July 2019 onwards. It will not be an easy task as the executives of “Umbrella” insist that SYRIZA should not lose its radical character. In this context called on the delegates to support on Saturday night his proposal for the election of the chairman and the Central Committee by the members and not by the Congress earning a warm applause.


“Mr. Tsipras submitted the government proposal of SYRIZA that is moving in his direction”realistic radicalism“, as he characteristically said. He committed himself to six actions when he came to power:

1. Accuracy: Interventions for immediate reduction of 50% of the increases in the accounts.

2. Work: Increase of the minimum wage to 800 euros and restoration of employment rights

3. Small and Medium – Farmers: Pandemic debt write-off and microcredit

4. Social protection: New NSS and return of 13th pension

5. New generation: Affordable housing for young couples and simplification of access to universities for young people

6. Change of production model

Hard rock

Through his speech, he signaled that the tones of criticism towards the government and personally towards the prime minister will rise as the polls approach. «This Greece that has just come out of bankruptcy is reunited with the social crisis, it is the Greece that has the signature: Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Mr. Mitsotakis is not a man who causes misfortune. He is a man who embraces unfortunate policies». He described the prime minister as a “contractor” and at the beginning of his speech he asked the dilemma of “socialism or barbarism”. It was another attempt to unite all the forces of SYRIZA, wanting to show that the enemy is not internal, but only the government of the N.D. Painting even more the dividing line with the blue faction, he claimed that it is today “the most extreme neoliberal version of the European right”.

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