Fearless: “All austerity has been exhausted against us, we will appeal”


Her reaction was immediate PAE Atromitos against the primary Commission of the Super League, after the decision of the disciplinary body to impose a total fine of 39,000 euros for what was recorded in the match sheet against PAOK.

In Peristeriotes there is intense dissatisfaction for its height fine, while there is a huge question about the extra punishment imposed on the technical director, Giannis Angelopoulos, at the moment that according to the referee’s report, what the “blue and white” agent said was: “It’s a penalty. It will be a shame if you do not give it “.

The announcement of PAE Atromitos in detail:

PAE Atromitos expresses its dissatisfaction with today’s decision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Super League and the highest fine imposed on our team for the match of the 10th game of the league against PAOK.

As Atromitos we consider that all austerity against us was unnecessarily exhausted, in a match that did not have the slightest incident, not the slightest interruption in the flow of the match was recorded and much more all these years we have given our exams for organizing and conducting matches at Greek and European level.

PAE Atromitos will immediately appeal to the Second Instance Committee against the first instance decision.

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