Liolios: “Everyone is a soul and a voice for the National Team”


Her preparation was completed with training at “Alexandrio” Our national team for tomorrow (28/11, 17:00) match with Belarus in Thessaloniki for the World Cup qualifiers.

The “present” was also given by the president of the Hellenic Basketball Federation, Vangelis Liolios, who stood by the importance of her choice Thessaloniki for the conduct of the match, emphasizing that he is optimistic for the victory of the National.

The statements of Vangelis Liolios in detail:

For the fact that the match will take place in Thessaloniki: “It is our special pleasure that the National team is in Thessaloniki for the first time after 34 years and that people embrace this effort because it is something they wanted very much. The fact that the match will take place in this stadium marks a new era. I’m just proud to be here. Of course I am optimistic and it goes without saying that we will all be one soul and one voice for the National team to win, which is the team of all of us. It is the team that unites us all, it is above unions and regions, it is at the top and the soul of us all “.

For the presence of Nikos Galis in Sunday’s match: “Nikos Galis is not just a player, but an emblem of Greek basketball in the world, a man who unites us over time and interculturally. His presence on the court on Sunday shows what the next day is for Greek basketball. This is Greek basketball: people who took it on their backs and are flying with us again to continue and lead Greek basketball to new successes “.

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