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OFI-Ionikos: The Cretans for the series, the Nikaians for the difference from the “tail”


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In Crete and «Θ. Vardinogiannis » are competing at noon on Sunday (28/11, 15:00), in the context of the 11th game of Super League 1, the OFI and Ionic.

The hosts come from five consecutive matches without defeat and from two consecutive victories, the last one in Volos against him ΝΠΣ, where the final 0-2 wrongs their aggressive monologue (they had four beams in the first part). Now, they are at 5th place with 15 points.

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On the other hand, the Nice team is in 11th place with ten points, was at +4 from the tail Atromitos, at +3 from the penultimate Apollon Smyrni (both with more matches) and at -4 from the 6th Panathinaikos. Her first concern, of course, is to increase her score difference from the “tail”. Last match he stayed at 1-1 welcoming him Star of Tripoli at the stadium of Naples.

It should be noted that this will be the first match of the newcomers this year away from Attica in terms of championship (they had faced Xanthi away for the Cup).

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In the competitive part, o Nikos Nioplias is pleased to count for the first time this year on Kosma Tsilianidis, while the mission also included Jonathan De Guzman. On the contrary, he was left out Giannoulis, who suffers from laryngitis but also Neira, Oops and Durmisai.

As far as the “blue words” are concerned, the Dimitris Spanos faces two new racing problems other than his own Theodosius Macheira (total rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament since the end of last August), as the Rogerio Thuram and Didier Delgado suffered a second-degree fracture of the hind thighs and a ruptured Achilles tendon, respectively. With the absence of the first being crucial for the plans of the 52-year-old coach.

OFI’s mission: Epassi, Waterman, Sotiriou, Vouros, Marinakis, Megiado, Balogiannis, Toral, Nabi, Lambrou, Van Dainen, Kastainios, De Guzman, Gayegos, Kamaou, Tsilianidis, Diamantis, Korovekis, Giannou, Giannou.

The mission of the Ionian: Anagnostopoulos, Houtesiotis, Christodoulis, Tsirigotis, Vafeas, Valerianos, Tsigrinski, Mygas, Sanches, Kiakos, Konstantinidis, Gotsoulias, Aosman, Dalsio, Pogosian, Romao, Kanias, Manals, Kambras, Manalis, Kambras.

Possible elevens:

OFI (Nikos Nioplias): Waterman – Marinakis, Vouros, Pasalidis, Balogiannis – Megiado, Gayegos, Toral – Kamaou, Van Dainen, Lambrou.

Ionian (Dimitris Spanos): Houtesiotis – Fly, Tsigrinski, Sanchez, Valerianos – Romao, Dalsio – Lenis, Aosman, Cabral – Manalis.

Referee: Konstantinos Perrakis

Assistants: Konstantinos Staikos, Elias Papadopoulos

4th Referee: Anastasios Papapetrou

WHERE: George Tzovaras

The story between them:

OFI wins: 17

Draws: 5

Ionikos victories: 10

Hosted by OFI:

OFI wins: 13

Draws: 0

Ionikos victories: 3

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