Renewed with Mendesidou and PAOK dismissed three

Renewed with Mendesidou and PAOK dismissed three

Maria Mendesidou will continue to compete in the PAOK women’s handball team next season. Erasitechnis announced the stay of the international winger for a seventh year, in order to maintain the championships in Greece.

On the contrary, “Two-Headed” announced the end of his collaboration with Rafaela Karacharisi, Penny Argyropoulou and Andria Takis.

The announcement about Mendesidou:

“PAOK and the women’s handball department, PAOK Mateco, announce the renewal of cooperation with the athlete, Maria Mendesidou, for the 2022-2023 season.

PAOK’s international winger Mateco continues in the “Doubleheader” for the fourth year in a row and the seventh year in total, having won another domestic double, this one last season.

Regarding the renewal of her collaboration with PAOK Mateco, Maria Mendesidou stated on the club’s official website, “I feel happy that I will be at PAOK for another year. I am ready to give my best, so that we can have another successful season, along with a good European course.

I want to thank the President, Athanasios Katsaris, the commissioner, Dimitris Hasekidis and the coach, Dimitris Pelekidis, for their trust in me. I wish everyone a good racing year, with health above all”.

The announcement of the three departures:

“The women’s handball department, PAOK mateco, thanks the following athletes for their contribution in the 2021-2022 season:

Raphaela Karacharisi

Penny Argyropoulou

Andria Taki

The department wishes them all the best in their professional and personal plans.”

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