Chocolate Day: See 5 places to try artisanal bars for up to R$ 25.90 in SP


For at least ten years, chocolate has had a date reserved just for it on the world calendar: this Thursday, July 7, World Chocolate Day is celebrated.

There are different theories to explain the choice. The main one is that the day marks the arrival of the ingredient in Europe, in the mid-15th century – before, it was used by civilizations in America.

Since then, the delicacy has been served in different ways. In place of the traditional industrialized bars sold by major brands in supermarkets, today’s handmade tablets have gained prominence, with cocoa beans grown by small producers across the country.

To celebrate the date, check out a selection of five addresses in São Paulo that offer artisanal chocolate bars for up to R$25.90 — most of them also available for delivery.

Cocoa Show

The chain, with stores spread across the country, offers options of bars with different gradations of cocoa. The La Creme line, for example, has traditional flavors such as white and milk – each tablet costs R$ 14.90 and, in the promotion, two bars cost R$ 24.90. There are also stuffed ones, such as paçoca (R$ 12.90) and milk with caramelized cashew nuts (R$ 12.90).
Shopping Center 3 – Av. Paulista, 2064, Consolação, central region, tel. (11) 2538-7821. others andaddresses and online store at


The highlights here are the jigsaw puzzles, bars sprinkled with pieces of fruit like strawberry, coconut and pineapple. With prices of up to R$ 25.90, the suggestions have flavors such as milk chocolate 50% cocoa, dark chocolate 70% and chocolate 50% with oats.
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 196, Pinheiros, west region, WhatsApp (11) 91018-9842. Delivery and other addresses at

Luzz Cocoa

Baiana baker Josiane Luzz prepares artisanal bars with cocoa beans from Bahia. There are six flavors, such as 36% white chocolate with açaí (R$ 19.80), 80% dark chocolate with cupuaçu pieces (R$ 21.60) and 62% chocolate with pitanga (R$ 22). The tablets are sold in stores and supermarkets in São Paulo and on the brand’s website.
Bread Warehouse – ave. Diógenes Ribeiro de Lima, 3490, Vila Leopoldina, west region. Other addresses and virtual store at

Gallette Chocolates

The bars, with prices up to R$23.90, have different gradations of cocoa and are combined with Brazilian beans. Among them, 40% milk chocolate with Brazil nuts, cashews and peanuts and 40% milk chocolate with cocoa nibs and burnt caramel. One of the most requested is the one made with 70% cocoa and crystallized cupuaçu pieces — the option was awarded by the Academy of Chocolate, in London, a reference on the subject.
R. Augusto Tolle, 245, Santana, North Region, WhatsApp (11) 98109-3640. Delivery and one more address at

Mestizo Chocolates

The brand, which also uses cocoa beans from producers in Bahia, offers suggestions such as the 72% chocolate bar with cocoa nibs soaked in artisanal cachaça aged in amburana, and the 65% chocolate bar with pieces of nibs caramelized with puxuri, a spice from the Amazon —​each costs R$ 22.
R. Baluarte, 528, Itaim Bibi, west region, tel. (11) 3457-7000. Delivery via

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