Salina Wigman won the last euro against the Netherlands (Photo: Getty)

England Women manager Salina Wigman believes her team were not at their best in the Euro 2022 match against Austria, but she is still happy with the win.

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In the opening match of the tournament, the Three Lions beat Austria 1–0, with Bethmead scoring a decisive goal in the 16th minute of the match.

But it wasn’t the best performance from the home team as they struggled against stubborn Austria, they created some great chances but a lack of guts prevented England from taking the lead.

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After the match, Weegman told BBC Sport: I think we can do better.

“I had a great opportunity after my first goal. I should have been a bit calm in the final stages. I should have scored a few times to make things easier.

England vs Austria: Group A- UEFA European Women's Championship 2022

England lacked a clinical finish against Austria (Photo: Getty)

“In the first match of the tournament it is very important to win and make a good start. We have shown different phases. Some are good and some are not.”

“We did not start well. We did much better [then].. I made a chance in the second half, but the ball went sloppy.

Wigman led the Netherlands to victory in the Euro 2017 final, but England lost in September last year, making it their 13th win in 15 matches.

The match was played at Old Trafford in front of 68,000 fans, a record for the women’s European Championship.

Wigman added: “Overall I am very happy. Don’t underestimate Austria. They are a good, strong and organized team.

‘East [the atmosphere] It was very nice. It’s hard to have an impact because you can’t hear the player’s voice. But this is what we want.

England’s campaign at Euro 2022 will continue on Monday with the next Group A match against Norway.

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