Official start for Olympiakos in handball

Official start for Olympiakos in handball

On Wednesday, Olympiacos began the effort to maintain its achievements from last year’s Handball Premier and the “red and whites” began their preparation for this year’s season in SEF. The “present” was also given by the new transfer acquisitions (Robert Weber, Olivier Niokas, Elmir Gratjan, Vassilis Liolios).

On Tuesday, the players of Giorgos Karasavvidis had started with gym.

George Karasavvidis: “We are not worried that we won the championship last year, we start the same, integrate the new guys, build the team and then deal with the titles. Our philosophy does not change, we start with defense. We will try this year to run a little more than last year, we have the players to do it.”

Petros Kandylas: “I’m very excited to start today. The goals at Olympiakos are always the same. Championship, Cup and I wish you a good course in Europe. The team is built for big things, the main body is left. We also made very quality additions, with players of enormous value, such as Weber, Niokas and more. We are off to a very strong start.

We are not stressed because we won last year’s championship, we are experienced players, heads in, hard work and, in the end, everyone gets what they deserve.”

Byron Papadopoulos: “Let’s all have a good season. The most important thing is that the team stays away from injuries, that we are all strong. We start with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of responsibilities, our goal in preparation is to work as hard as possible.

The goals for the year remain the same. We want the championship, the Cup, while this year we also have the European challenge. We want to go as far as possible. There is optimism in the team. It is very important that the team kept its core, while the additions made are players with really long careers. Our job is to put them in the mood, to understand that the team’s goals are high.”

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