Bartzokas: “We defeated a team with momentum, to remain humble and focused”


In his huge away victory (84-87) Olympic on her Unix reported after the end of the match o George Bartzokas, who noted that he came against a team he had momentum.

At the same time, the Piraeus coach noted that the “red and whites” must remain humble and focused.

In detail, George Bartzokas spoke at the press conference about:

-the match: “Congratulations to the team and the staff for the victory. It is a result against a team, which I appreciate. A victory that came against an opponent with momentum and who beat Real and Milan here. Most importantly, we had ten more assists from Unix and seven more rebounds. Although we missed a lot of free kicks, which were good choices. We won the match. We made a lot of mistakes in the end, bad tactical choices. We were in a hurry to win the game. In the end, what matters is the victory, the second consecutive away game. We have a good positive atmosphere, self-confidence. We have to be humble and focused, realizing that every game in the Euroleague is difficult».

-unix three-pointers: «Most were in the first period. Then we had another 40 minutes. We could have won in the regular season as well. We wanted to limit Canaan and Hezonia, as well as the creation of Brown. We tried to limit the movement of the ball. We have good scorers, of course we did not prove it. But we were consistent on every side of the floor and we won. Sometimes it’s a rebound, sometimes it’s luck. At critical points we can play well. We believe in the team».

-treating the Fal: «Unix today wanted to avoid the good shots of Olympiakos in the racket. Brown is a great defender, very flexible. Sharing the ball we had a lot of free kicks. It happens that you win even without the good percentage in the three-pointers. It was a very important victory for us».

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