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Return of Gionis to the Greek rating board after two decades


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Essentially, there were no changes in the EFOEPA evaluation tables in September, as there was no domestic competition activity in July and August, but some notable news came from the fact that newly acquired foreign athletes entered for the first time, as well as our champions, who, alongside the their action abroad, this year they also cooperate with Greek unions.

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The reappearance of Panagiotis Gionis in the ranking list of the federation after… two decades is news. It was the summer of 2001 when the top Greek table tennis player began his international career and, as he was not allowed to compete at the same time in Greece in those years, he gradually dropped out of the charts. This summer, alongside his presence in Poland and Bogoria, he also agreed with Panathinaikos and, thus, returned to the Greek ranking. Of course, his position in the international evaluation table counts, so he is directly very high and among the Greeks he is number 2, behind Yiannis Sgouropoulos.

EFOEPA reminds us that it always publishes its tables together with the foreign athletes who compete in its own interclub competitions. Simply, the presence of the latter is not as essential, since their grades and positions are used for the draws or for the weight that the results of Greek athletes have against them.

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As, however, we are at the beginning of the season, it is worth noting that big names on the international stage who will collaborate this year with Olympiakos or Panathinaikos also hold the first positions in the Greek tables.

Among the men, we meet there the Swedish Christian Carlson (Panathinaikos) at number 1 and the Englishman Liam Pitchford (Olympiakos) at number 2 and, respectively, among the women, the Romanian Elizabeta Samara (Panathinaikos) at the top and the Ukrainian Margarita Pesotska (at Olympiacos since last year) in second place.

Returning to the ranking data for the Greeks, let us note that with the entry of Gionis into the top five of the men, the athlete of Panathinaikos, Giorgos Konstantinopoulos, also left it. It moved to number 6 from 5 last month.

It is also noteworthy that Sgouropoulos and Gionis, our two leading ambassadors abroad, who work simultaneously with Olympiakos and Panathinaikos respectively, are only six points apart. The first shows 2,563 and the second 2,557.

The top five in the new rating tables (with the positions the athletes had in August 2022) are as follows:


1. («) Yannis Sgouropoulos (Olympic S.F.P.)

2. (-) Panagiotis Gionis (Panathinaikos A.O.)

3. (2.) Dimitris Papadimitriou (AO Tataula)

4. (3.) Konstantinos Angelakis (Panathinaikos A.O.)

5. (4.) Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos (Panathinaikos A.O.)


1. («) Katerina Toliou (Panathinaikos A.O.)

2. («) Konstantina Paridis (Panathinaikos AO)

3. («) Georgia Zavitsanou (Finikes Glyfada Patras)

4. («) Elizabeth Terpou (Panathinaikos A.O.)

5. («) Christina Fili (D.A.O. Tavrou)


1. («) Alexandros Madesis (AEK)

2. («) Gerasimos Hatzilygeroudis (AO Tataula)

3. («) Jason Kordoutis (OA of Chania)

4. («) Stathis Manolopoulos (AE Athena Magoufanas)

5. («) Gerasimos Petris (G.A.S. Elefsis)


1. («) Malamatenia Papadimitriou (Olympic S.F.P.)

2. («) Ioanna Gerasimatou (AEK)

3. («) Chrysi Fotiadou (AEK)

4. («) Lemonia Gaidatzis (AEK)

5. («) Stella Tzaridou (HAN Thessaloniki)


1. («) Alexandros Madesis (AEK)

2. («) Efstathios Manolopoulos (A.E. Athena Maggoufanas)

3. («) Sokratis Giannoutsos (Olympic S.F.P.)

4. («) Alessandro Feltser (ASEA Kavala)

5. («) Kimonas Mitkas (A.S. Faros Alexandroupolis)


1. («) Malamatenia Papadimitriou (Olympic S.F.P.)

2. («) Chrysi Fotiadou (AEK)

3. («) Lemonia Gaidatzis (AEK)

4. («) Stella Tzaridou (HAN Thessaloniki)

5. («) Katerina Alexoudi (MSG National Alexandroupolis)


1. («) Konstantinos Milikoudis (GS Filia Orestiadas)

2. («) Ioannis Anastasiadis (AS Faros Alexandroupolis)

3. («) Marios Katsaprakakis (AE Athena Maggoufanas)

4. («) Dimitris Sotiropoulos (AS Faros Alexandroupolis)

5. («) Giorgos Kosmas (DAO Tavros)


1. («) Lemonia Gaidatzis (AEK)

2. («) Zoe Kazakou (OA of Chania)

3. («) Mavra Kontopoulou (AS PKD Tavrou)

4. («) Maria Kreanga (Olympic SFP)

5. («) Vasiliki Boula (Orian APO Chios)


1. («) Yannis Kioseloglou (AO Poseidon Loutraki)

2. («) Konstantinos Alexoudis (GS Filia Orestiada)

3. («) Konstantinos Isaakidis (Sarises Florina)

4. («) Anastasios Fousekis (AO Pagonas Patras)

5. («) Dimitris Georgallidis (SPA Lykovrisis Pefkis)


1. («) Christina Tzenidis (HAN Thessaloniki)

2. («) Despina Dimitriou (Gas Elefsis)

3. («) Athanasia Goga (Olympic SFP)

4. («) Anna Mitka (HAN Thessaloniki)

5. («) Anna Liakopoulou (AS Pera Athens)

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