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Nikologiannis: “Verbitz didn’t stop running – Panathinaikos’ potential 11 with PAOK”


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In rhythm derby enters, essentially, from today o Panathinaikos.

With the obligations of the national teams being completed yesterday, o Ivan Jovanovich slowly waits for them returns of the “green” internationals and makes his plans for Sunday’s big match with PAOKin Toumba.

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THE Tasos Nikologiannis transferred, therefore, to News Bulletin 247 the latest news from the “camp” of the “clover” in view of the confrontation with the “double-headed of the North”, commenting, at the same time, on the presence of Panathinaikos internationals.

For Verbich, no, he specifically said that he didn’t stop running in the game of Slovenia with Sweden, causing him to get tired. But when his coach told him to make a change, he was uncompromising and just like that in the 85th minute he “exploded” and left with cramps. His condition, in any case, does not inspire concern.

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From then on, the “clover” reporter stopped at possible 11 for Toumbastressing, however, that everything will become clear today and tomorrow.

Listen to the report from Tasos Nikologiannis:

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