Fitese defeated and is waiting for Tottenham, first with three for Basel


After the results of the afternoon, the evening matches of his groups were completed Europa Conference League. The only pending issue now is that of the 7th group, where it is expected to take place Tottenham-Rennes, with the Φίτεσε to have prevailed 3-1 of Berries and wait at 2nd place (leads to the Playoffs of the institution).

Of the other games, except of course by him PAOK group, the victory stood out (3-0) of Kingdom on her Karabakh, with the Swiss securing first place and direct qualification in the “16”.

5th group:

Feyenoord-Maccabi Haifa 2-1

Berlin-Slavia Prague Union 1-1

The first place had already been judged, with Feyenoord not to … rest and prevail (2-1) and her Maccabi Haifa. The second place was taken by Slavia Prague, which got the draw (1-1) at its headquarters Berlin Union.

The final score:

1. Feyenoord 14b.

2. Slavia Prague 8b.

3. Berlin Union 7b.

4. Maccabi Haifa 4b.

6th group:

Copenhagen-Slovan Bratislava 2-0

PAOK-Lincoln 2-0

THE PAOK did his duty by winning 2-0 the Lincoln in Toumba and combined with the victory with same score of Copenhagen on her Slovan Bratislava, occupied the second place.

The final score:

1. Copenhagen 15b.

2. PAOK 11b.

3. Slovan Bratislava 8b.

4. Lincoln 0b.

7th group:

Fitese-Berries 3-1

Tottenham Hotspur (postponed)

THE Φίτεσε won 3-1 at home on Berries, went up to 2nd place, however will have to wait for the postponed match between them Tottenham and Ren (cases of coronavirus in the first grade) to see if he will understand it definitively. The French club has already qualified directly for the “16” of the institution.

Score (Tottenham Hotspur pending):

1. Ren 11b.

2. Plant 10b.

3. Tottenham 7b.

4. Berries 3b.

8th group:

Basel-Karabakh 3-0

Omonia-Kairat Almaty 0-0

Basel left no room for doubt in Karabakh and prevailing 3-0 took first place, leaving the Azeris in second. The scoreless Omonia-Kairat Almaty ended without a score.

The final score:

1. Basel 14b.

2. Karabakh 11b.

3. Omonia 4b.

4. Kairat Almaty 2b.

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