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Advertisement for motor sports the spectacular 20th Motor Festival of OAKA!


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The enormous potential of motor sports was shown to the absolute extent at the 20th Motor Festival Gold Edition, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports and EPTA (European Passenger Transportation Association), from October 7 to 9 at OAKA!

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It was a spectacular three-day motoring festival, which attracted thousands of spectators every day from many parts of the world, in fact, giving international dimensions to the organization and, at the same time, being the best advertisement for Greek motoring!

From Friday afternoon, when the largest adrenaline motor park in Greece opened its gates until Sunday evening when the curtain fell with the closing ceremony, the spectacle was continuous, disruptive and exciting both inside and outside the impressive arena action!

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The professional drivers of the 20th Motor Festival Gold Edition from Greece and abroad once again raised the bar of entertainment by offering unique Shows in Drift, Stunt riding, Freestyle Motocross, Trial and more!

Portuguese Stunt Riding superstar Arrepiado and his team put on a sensational performance, as did Bulgarian Alipiev, who got the Motor Festival car back on two wheels, and the Greek Stunt Riders who always find new ways to captivate the audience with their tricks!

The “flying” rider of the Free Style Nontas Logothetis was “flying” over people and cars, Lefteris Pippos was also raising the adrenaline with his Shows in the Trial and close to them were the BMX Riders with impressive jumps and tricks!

The special digital effects composed, alongside the motorized shows, a unique mosaic, both while the above were developing and when leading Drift drivers, such as Giorgos Lagos, Christos Saitas, Nikos Tselos, Dimitris Dimitriou, Kostas Tsiakas and many others they drew all eyes on them!

Right next to the action arena, the most historic stunt in motoring, the “Round of Death” that became rapturous again, trucks that became a pole of attraction for the public, but also the festival girls who gave their own dance shows.

And of course that wasn’t all. In addition to the other motoring activities – between them and the safe driving demonstrations with the messages about this being constant about the need for all drivers who want to race to do so only on tracks – around the perimeter of the arena was one of the biggest displays they have done in recent years in the field of motoring!

The 2nd Bazaar Festival with the participation of 200 professionals in the field with more than 300 booths and everything from the two and four wheel field, with unique offers for visitors!

The 20th Motor Festival Gold Edition was sensational, disruptive and added even more value and horsepower to motoring.

The organizer, Michalis Kontizas, said: “Another Motor Festival has come to an end. We are very happy because not only did we manage to achieve a fantastic event, but also because we managed to become a nucleus of a change of mentality in the matter of driving safety, in the matter of the development of motorsport and the space and most importantly of all a nucleus of a pleasant change . Because we filled tens of thousands of people, adults and children, with smiles of optimism and joy. I think it is very important, since as the last memory from the three days I have these faces that were fixed watching the spectacle with a sense of joy and with a permanent smile imprinted on them”.

The date is now set for the 21st edition of the event, as history not only continues, but also… evolves!

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