The time of truth: Ferstappen or Hamilton


The most exciting season in Formula 1 in recent years she will have the finale she needs. In the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (15:00, COSMOTE Sport 5, ERT 3, the title of champion is judged among the Max Ferstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The two of them reached a draw in the 22nd race of the year with 369.5 points. It is only the second time in history that two contending pilots reach perfect balance in the last race.

The 24-year-old Red Bull driver has a narrow lead to reach the first championship of his career. Not just because of her pole position which he secured yesterday, but also because in the (rather extreme) scenario of the final tie he will be the champion, having nine victories against eight of his big opponent. On the other hand, Hamilton at 36 has the opportunity to celebrate his eighth title and is now a record holder, above and the legendary Michael Schumacher. The Mercedes Briton has won the last three Grand Prix and led a championship that seemed lost in a thriller finale.

Of particular importance will be the strategy of the two groups. Red Bull decided to start Ferstappen with the soft rubber, while Mercedes chose the middle. It will be interesting to see the role that the teammates of the two contenders can play, with Sergio Perez starting fourth and Valteri Botas just sixth respectively, while Lando Norris with McLaren and Carlos Saint with Ferrari are in third place.

The referees have warned the pilots and their staffs that they will be relentless in possible unsportsmanlike conduct, such as when Michael Schumacher made sure his rivals did not finish in the 1994 and 1997 championships.

In contrast to the drivers’ championship, that of manufacturers seems to have already been judged. Mercedes is 28 points ahead of Red Bull and it is enough for them to get 17 points to secure the title, even if Ferstappen-Perez makes it 1-2. Therefore, it is enough for Mercedes to finish even one of Hamilton or Botas in second place to win the eighth consecutive championship.

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