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Second round of internal party elections in KINAL


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The second round for the election of a new leader in KINAL started at 7 in the morning, with Nikos Androulakis and George Papandreou claiming the citizens’ vote and the presidency. The polls will close at 7 pm.

As announced on Friday by the competent Committee of KINAL for the internal party elections (EDEKAP), those who had voted last Sunday, in the first round, have the right to vote and will not pay 3 euros again.

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“I ask the 270,000 Greek Democrats to come to the polls again and give me a clear mandate for renewal, unity and political perspective, and I pledge that on Sunday night there will be no winners or losers. The winner will be PASOK and the democratic faction “stressed from Kozani, two days before the second round of the internal party elections in KINAL, Nikos Androulakis.

A call for participation of all those who came to vote in the first round was addressed by George Papandreou, already last Sunday night, when the result of the first round of internal elections was announced, emphasizing that they will decide on the fate of the party “for values and its progressive identity “.

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