Tomic: “I missed basketball, I did not expect to lose”

Tomic: “I missed basketball, I did not expect to lose”

Detailed what the technician of the “blue and yellows” said:

«I think it was a bad game in the sense that we lost. I did not expect that we would lose. On the other hand is the image of the team. It is a very strange picture. It takes a lot of work to become a team. Because at the moment everyone is trying to achieve something on their own. And you do not play basketball alone. This is my job. I’ll make it. It is a bad defeat. But we have to be on the field, to work hard to prepare for the next match. I want to congratulate the three young guys of the team, Stavrakopoulos, Manias and Fytros who entered the field and took the opportunity. And maybe they should play even more! Maybe, we would have won the game, it may be my fault, but I was really happy. The only thing I enjoyed today was these three kids who played very well and took the opportunity. I will give time to young children. To tell the truth today Stavrakopoulos, I do not remember the names well one day I am in the team, I was thinking of putting him in the starting five. Because we have a lot of injuries, we have essentially eight players and the others are small. But you will definitely see them along the way, because I like to give opportunities to young children and they basically today who played well showed me that I can give them another chance. And I will definitely give them. I did not expect to put all three of them in the game, but as the match went on they played very well. I missed basketball. I rested, I had worked for 20 years in a row, but I definitely missed the Greek championship, it’s good that I came back. I have lived in Greece for thirty years. It’s something nice …».

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