São Paulo wins, but does not qualify for Libertadores


São Paulo thrashed Goiás away from home this Sunday (13), 4-0, but failed to qualify for next year’s Copa Libertadores. With a 2-0 victory over Santos, also as a visitor, Fortaleza took eighth place in the table and the last spot for the preliminary round of the international tournament.

The 2022 Brazilian Championship came to an end this Sunday, with the simultaneous dispute of nine games valid for the 38th round.

With the top of the table defined in advance, the main attraction was the fight for the last spots in Libertadores. In addition to Fortaleza, Athletico-PR were guaranteed in the competition, directly, and Atlético-MG, via pre-Libertadores.

São Paulo, América-MG and Botafogo will have to be content with going to the Copa Sudamericana.

On the afternoon of farewell to coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, Hurricane secured the sixth and last direct spot in the group stage of the continental competition by beating Botafogo in a direct confrontation.

The team from Paraná beat Rio de Janeiro 3-0, at Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR), with goals from Adryelson (against), Vitor Roque and Erick.

The alvinegro from Minas did his part to seek the direct spot, by beating Corinthians away from home, at Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo. Vargas, from a penalty, scored the winning goal by 1 to 0 over the São Paulo team, which had already stamped its passport for the tournament.

Coach Cuca’s team was rooting for the triumph of Athletico-PR to enter the G-6. The team from Paraná beat Rio de Janeiro 3-0, at Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR), with goals from Adryelson (against), Vitor Roque and Erick. Botafogo, on the other hand, only depended on itself to guarantee itself in the preliminary phase of the tournament, and ended up being left out with the defeat.

The other vacancy in the pre-Libertadores is from Fortaleza. The northeastern team overtook Botafogo in the classification by beating Santos in Vila Belmiro, with goals from Thiago Galhardo and Moisés. This will be the second participation of Leão in the history of Libertadores.

The tricolor paulista needed not only to beat Goiás away from home but also to hope for a combination of three other results in the round, which did not happen.

Coach Rogério Ceni’s team did its part and thrashed the Goiás team, with goals from Galoppo, Luciano, Marcos Guilherme and Juan. But the balance of the round did not favor the São Paulo team. During the matches, the combination of results was beneficial for São Paulo for a few minutes.

América-MG, in turn, only depended on itself to go to the preliminary stage of the Libertadores, but stumbled at home. It tied with Atlético-GO by 1 to 1, goals from Henrique Almeida and Dudu. The Minas Gerais team even scored the second goal that would be worth the classification, at 50 minutes of the second period, but the bid was annulled by the arbitration.

With the final balance of the round and the champions, São Paulo, América-MG, Botafogo, Santos, Goiás and Bragantino will be in the Copa Sudamericana next year.

At the bottom of the table, there was also a lack of confirmation of the last relegation to Serie B. Atlético-GO was still struggling mathematically to escape the sticking, but needed to beat América-MG and take a big difference in goal difference. It remained on the list of the descent, which already had Ceará, Avaí and Juventude.

Palmeiras’ title had already been defined since November 2, with four games still to be played. The team led by coach Abel Ferreira won the national championship for the 11th time in its history.

In addition to alviverde, the spots of Internacional, Fluminense, Corinthians and Flamengo in the group stage of the next Copa Libertadores had also been secured before the last round.

Even so, the last round could still earn good money in the clubs’ accounts, according to the final order in the table. But the top positions did not change.

Internacional confirmed with the runner-up by beating Palmeiras at home by 3-0, goals from Maurício, Alemão and Braian Romero. The prize for the champion is R$ 45 million, and for the runner-up, R$ 42.7 million (see all values ​​below).

The artillery was with Germán Cano (Fluminense), author of 26 goals. The Argentine isolated himself as the best foreign goalscorer in an edition of the championship when he surpassed the Colombian Aristizabal, who scored 21 times for Cruzeiro in 2003.

Cano passed Gabigol (Flamengo) as the record-holder for goals in the same edition in this era of straight points with 20 clubs, which began in 2006.

The award for the best “waiter” of the championship goes to Gustavo Scarpa (Palmeiras), with 13 direct passes for goals in this Brasileirão.

Brazilian 2022 final classification and awards:

  1. Palmeiras: champion and direct spot in Libertadores (R$ 45 million)
  2. Internacional: direct spot in Libertadores (R$ 42.7 million)
  3. Fluminense: direct spot in Libertadores (R$ 40.5 million)
  4. Corinthians: direct spot in Libertadores (R$ 38.2 million)
  5. Flamengo: direct spot in Libertadores (R$ 36 million)
  6. Athletico-PR: direct spot in Libertadores (R$ 33.7 million)
  7. Atlético-MG: spot in the pre-Libertadores (R$ 31.5 million)
  8. Fortaleza: spot in the pre-Libertadores (R$ 29.2 million)
  9. São Paulo: place in the Sudamericana (R$ 27 million)

  10. América-MG: place in the Sudamericana (R$ 24.7 million)
  11. Botafogo: vacancy in the Sudamericana (R$ 19.3 million)
  12. Santos: place in the Sudamericana (R$ 18 million)
  13. Goiás: vacancy in the Sudamericana (R$ 16.6 million)
  14. Red Bull Bragantino: place in the Sudamericana (R$ 16.2 million)
  15. Coritiba (R$ 15.7 million)
  16. Cuiabá (R$ 15.2 million)
  17. Ceará: relegated (no awards)
  18. Atlético-GO: relegated (no awards)
  19. Avaí: relegated (no awards)
  20. Youth: relegated (no awards)

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