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Richarlison’s goal enters the gallery of the most beautiful of the World Cups


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Striker Richarlison was the highlight of the Brazilian team in the 2-0 victory over Serbia by scoring both goals. The second of them, a comeback after dominating the ball with a touch, certainly makes the list of World Cup goals.

The number 9 goal is reminiscent of the one scored by defensive midfielder Edmilson in the 5-2 victory over Costa Rica in the 2002 World Cup, during the conquest of the fifth championship. With his back to the goalkeeper, Edmilson saw his opportunity and jumped, almost doing a bicycle.

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Other great goals always make the lists of the most beautiful. The most remembered is the one scored by Argentine Diego Maradona in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup when he dribbled past the entire England team.

Another similar one was that of Saeed Al-Owairan, from Saudi Arabia, in the 1994 United States Cup. He received the ball still on the defense side and also crossed the field to score the winning goal over Belgium, by 1-0.

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Pelé also has a prominent place on the list precisely in his first World Cup, in 1958, in Sweden. In the 5-2 defeat of the host, the playmaker dominated the ball by hating the rival defender and then kicked to score.

A great goal with style was scored by the Dutchman Robin van Persie in the Copa do Brasil, in 2014. In the 5-1 victory over Spain, he received a cross and leapt forward, heading in style to score the goal.

Edmilson’s goal in 2002

Diego Maradona’s goal in 1986

Saeed Al-Owairan’s goal in 1994

Pelé’s goal in 1958

Van Persie’s goal in 2014

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