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The disappointing AEK submitted to Kolossos!


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The worst AEK of this season appeared in Rhodes. His team Ilias Kanzouris suffered a shock defeat by the amazing Colossus of Rhodes by a score of 73-67, falling to 5-2 in the Basket League. His Rodites Elias Papatheodorouon the other hand, got their biggest win of the year, moved up to 3-4 and are looking forward to the rest of the season!

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THE AEK it was clear from the beginning that he would not have an easy night in the Dodecanese, as o Colossus was too read defensively, taking her biggest assets out of play. When in the second half his team Elias Papatheodorou found rhythm and aggressively, managed to control the match and celebrate the great victory.

The leader of the match was again the “mythical” What Jay Starks. The American guard was unstoppable, and loaded the baskets of AEK with 25 points! However, AEK was also badly hurt by a former player, Mr Harry Yiannopoulos. The former Greek forward of “Enos” achieved a double-double with 17 points and 10 rebounds, while the increase in his performance in the second half was a key factor in his victory Colossus.

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From Kanzouris’ team, everyone moved at low levels, with Janis Strelnieks to be 12 and the Tim Frazier to “wake up” in the fourth period, finishing the match with 15 points, which, however, fell short.

The match

The game started with both teams misfiring and the defenses dominating. AEK, finding solutions mainly with shots, took an early lead with 8-13, with Kolossos starting very nervously, except for the as always efficient Starks. Finally, “Union”, who scored 11 shots in the first period, finished it with +5 in their favor (15-20).

Kolossos entered the second quarter more energetically and with five quick points equalized (20-20). AEK started to find points even outside of shots, with his three-pointers Strelniekswhich brought his team back Kanzouri at +6 (26-32). Nevertheless, Moreira’s entry gave the hosts a breather, who managed to equalize before the end of the poor quality half (33-33).

In the third quarter McGriff and Frazier improved their performance, as a result of which AEK is again at +5 (39-44), still far from its best self. Colossus managed to stay close mainly thanks to his points Giannopoulos, who alone brought the Rhodians back in front of the score (45-44). His team Papatheodorou finally managed to keep the “short head” at the end of the third period (49-48).

The hosts took advantage of their momentum, and with the Starks to “party” with consecutive three-pointers, they reached +6 (60-54) for the first time in the middle of the last period. Subsequently, Frasier and Starks they indulged in a personal “duel”, which brought Colossos Rhodes leading by 5 (71-66) about 1 minute before the end. AEK did not manage to find the solutions they were looking for in terms of money, and finally suffered a painful defeat.

The quarters: 15-20, 33-33, 49-48, 73-67

Detailed match statistics here

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