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#Hashtag: Belgium, executioner of Brazil in 2018, falls in the 1st phase and becomes a meme


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Eliminating Brazil in a World Cup is a sign of prestige, but it can have a serious side effect.

In 2014, Germany humiliated the Brazilian team by 7-1 in the semifinal and ended up champion of that edition.

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In the following Cup, he fell in the first phase, in a historic embarrassment.

In the same edition, in 2018, Brazil fell to Belgium, in the quarterfinals, by 2 to 1. The “new Belgian generation” finished in third place, a beautiful campaign.

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However, in 2022, in Qatar, the script was repeated. Our tormentors suffered a fiasco and were eliminated in the first phase in a group considered calm, with Croatia, Morocco and Canada.

And the curse is ancient. With the exception of the Netherlands in 2010, which eliminated Brazil in the quarterfinals and in 2014 finished in third place, France 1998/2000 and 2006/2010 also felt the bitter taste (in 2002, Brazil was champion and there were no candidates in 2006) .

The Brazilian, who does not forgive anything, is elated in the memes. See selection.


Everything has a price.

Terrible weather.

Take care, Germany, it’s your turn at 4 pm.

Time for the second installment!


Belgian generation: a good generation or a failure?


Long live the football gods.

Like old times.

How is Brazil?

Consolation prize.

Memes are not forgiving.

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