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Top athlete of the Balkans, Tedoglou


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Miltos Tedoglou is the top Balkan track and field athlete for 2022 at a special event organized by the Balkan Classical Sports Federation on Wednesday at a well-known Athenian hotel.

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Before the awards, in her brief greeting, the president of SEGAS, Sofia Sakorafa, emphasized that: “I welcome you to our beautiful homeland and I hope you got a rich taste of Greek hospitality in the morning with the work of our Conference and I want to express here my satisfaction for taking over the Balkan Marathon Championship on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary Authentic in 2023.

I want to remind you that we are Balkans, we live in the Balkans, the matrix of the region’s history and culture. We have the pleasure of hosting friendly peoples, giving them energy, teaching them our manners and customs. We here, as sports people, represent the great and the true and unite our peoples”.

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The president of the European Athletics Federation, Dobromir Karamarinov, emphasized that: “Dear athletes, I start with you, because this GALA is for you. Dear president of SEGAS Sofia, dear members-representatives of federations. I am happy to see 22 federation representatives.

Today we are at the end of the season with the Gala and on Sunday with the European Off Road Championship. I wish you the best of luck and good luck in athletics and for the future. Finally, I wish you a Merry Christmas.”

The event was attended by the Secretary General of the Aegean and Islands Policy, Manolis Koutoulakis, the interim co-Presidents of the Balkan Federation, Fatih Sidimar (Turkey), Slobodan Brankovic (Serbia), the member of the Board of the European Athletics Federation and First Special Secretary of the Board of Directors of SEGAS, Panagiotis Dimakos, the vice-president and General Secretary of ABAF, Plamen Krastef and Galia Rouhaleva respectively, the president of the Unified Authority for Public Contracts, Andronikis Theotokatos, the Treasurer of SEGAS, Yannis Lioubas, the B Vice President of SEGAS, Iakovos Petsoulas, Second Special Secretary, Paraskevi Pachaturidou, delegates-conferences from 21 countries and many more invited from the Balkan and European Federation.

The leaders were:

Angelina Topic (Serbia), as the best rising athlete, gold medalist at the European U18 (Jerusalem), bronze at the European Women’s in Munich and bronze at the World U20 (Cali), equaling the best performance in the U18 high jump with 1.96. The award was made by the President of the European Federation, Dobromir Karamarinov.

Ismail Nezir (Turkey), as the best emerging athlete, gold medal at the World U20 (Cali) 400m hurdles with 48.14. The award was presented by the Interim President of the Balkan Federation and President of the Turkish Athletics Federation, Fatih Sidimar.

Ivana Vuleta (Serbia), as the best athlete of the Balkans, gold medal in the World indoor track (Belgrade) and gold in the European (Munich), while she won the Diamond League in the long jump. The award was given by the interim President of the Balkan Federation, Slobodan Brankovic.

Miltos Tedoglou, the best athlete in the Balkans, gold medalist in indoor track and field (Belgrade), gold medalist at the European (Munich) and silver medalist at the World (Eugene) long jump. The president of SEGAS, Sofia Sakorafa, presented the award to the leading Greek champion.

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