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Andreopoulos: “But did you see the unacceptable referees?”


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THE Dimitris Andreopoulos he emphasized that Pegasos played amazingly against Panathinaikos and defeated them fairly, but he believes that the referees did not respect his team and their behavior was unacceptable, since they did not observe fair play, but he wished them the best and gave the motto for achieving the goals of the “greens” in all the competitions they participate in.

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Analytically: “Congratulations to Pegasus, he played amazing and I hope he continues to play like this. But did you see the unacceptable referees? They’ll think I’m saying it because we lost, but I’m saying it because we lost by arbitration. But, this thing that happened with the referees was above rivers. What the referees did to Panathinaikos today is unacceptable. Either we should have video referees, because they were unacceptable. It wasn’t fair play what happened today, but people should be fine.

The speeds are high, the referees are mostly incompetent for this, there should always be a video referee to solve this problem. Video replay from TV cameras does not solve the problem. We will continue to fight for all our goals. Losing points at this stage does not matter. It only counts for home field advantage in the playoffs.”

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