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“He lied”, says Corinthians president about Vítor Pereira


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Duílio Monteiro Alves, 47, president of Corinthians, called a press conference this Wednesday morning (14), to comment on the controversy with former Corinthian coach Vítor Pereira, now Flamengo coach. According to the manager, the Portuguese man lied to the Corinthians board of directors and fans.

“I’m sorry for the fans who dedicated a lot of affection to Vitor, but he lied. All we know is what was in his farewell note, in interviews: due to an illness of his mother-in-law, he preferred to leave to take care of her.”

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Duílio also stated that there is no wear and tear with the team from Rio de Janeiro in the face of the controversial change of clubs by the Portuguese coach.

“Flamengo has nothing to do with history. I understand it that way. [Vítor] He’s a professional, he’s a person who lied and touched his life. Flamengo went and signed,” said the president.

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The president claims that Corinthians made every possible effort to keep the Portuguese in charge, even offering a salary increase. Pereira, however, declined to renew with the club, citing family issues.

The coach said goodbye to Corinthians making and receiving promises of love.

“I feel very sad, I really wanted to continue this project, but there’s no chance. I’m not going to any club, I’m not going anywhere, I’m going home. I have to help stabilize my mother-in-law’s illness a little. , who is living at my house. That’s why I have to go back there,” Vítor told ESPN.

This Tuesday (13), Vítor Pereira was announced as the new coach of Flamengo.

When saying goodbye, Duílio Monteiro Alves called Pereira his friend and brother. “Thanks to Vítor, who became a brother. He’s a guy I respect a lot, he did a great job here. Thanks to his entire commission as well. It was a year of many positive experiences”, said the top hat at the time.

Flamengo and Corinthians disputed the title of the Copa do Brasil at the end of the season – the cup stayed with the rubro-negros.

Coach Dorival Júnior, who commanded the Rio de Janeiro team, announced his departure on November 25, 11 days after Pereira did not renew with Corinthians.

According to Dorival, “the board understood, and I respect that, that this moment would be one of change”.

The champion coach of Libertadores and Copa do Brasil said that, in conversation with the club’s board, he informed that he intended to dedicate himself to the association in 2023. According to him, the financial issue would not be a problem for the renewal. “Like it never was, in any club I’ve been”, he highlighted.

Duílio had been ill for the last few days: he had an intestinal infection and is still undergoing treatment. The press conference was the club’s first statement on the controversy.

“Corinthians is much bigger than all of us, and Corinthians goes on with its life, as it always has.

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