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Nikologiannis: “Kleinheisler was the first target – He will provide many solutions, he shoots from… everywhere”!


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And the name of it Laszlo Kleinheisler!

The Hungarian international is his “chosen one”. Ivan Jovanovich for strengthening the “8-10” position, and not only that, as the 28-year-old can also compete in the “wings”. After all, this year, as pointed out by Tasos Nikologiannisconveying his report Panathinaikou to News Bulletin 247has played many times as a left winger at Osijek, drifting inside».

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Commented, more specifically, the “clover” reporter: “It was his personal choice Ivan Jovanovich and first goal for this position. We had said a few days ago, when the names of Cowli and Aduna were written, that Panathinaikos was looking for other players, who had not been written.

Laszlo Kleinheisler is, after all, the one Jovanovic chose for the “8-10” position in the midfield, where he wanted one more player along with Bernard, because the truth is that there was no one behind the Brazilian. But he is also a player who can also play on the left. At least this year, who was a starter in Osijek, he has played in several games as extreme leftconverging inwards.

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He is a football player, therefore, who can give many solutions to the coach, he has runs and let the world remember what I will say: He shoots from everywhere! Something that is missing from this year’s Panathinaikos. It is an element that we do not see in this particular football player he has it like… breadcrumbs! He shoots, not with both feet, often finds the target, some go for goals, some are caught by the goalkeeper. However, this is a key element of it and we will see it when it comes to Greece”.

Regarding what will happen next in the transfer window of the “greens”, he emphasized: “Panathinaikos will now go to extremes. There are targets, there are negotiations, but we will know the name again when it gets closer to closing or will have closed. He will be a player, mainly for the right, but also for the left, in order to have from here on Jovanovic options from the bench and to increase competition. Let me say here again that Ivan Jovanovic decides everything. And when I say about everything, I mean from transfers to amounts, everything. And based on what has gone before, that is, the choices he made in the summer and were, I think, the most successful and have led Panathinaikos to the championship and 1st place, this choice of players continues with the aim of strengthening the team and getting very big push for the sequel”.

Listen in detail to what Tasos Nikologiannis said:

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