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Panathinaikos-PAOK: One is looking for a big win-qualification and the other to… finish the job!


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Panathinaikos against PAOK act… third today (26/01, 19:30 –, News Bulletin 247, Cosmote Sport 1) at Leoforo, for the second matchday of the quarter-final phase of the Cup.

The “clover” comes into this game with a 2-0 loss from the first game, bad psychology from the two consecutive wins from its current opponent and, in general, everything… against it.

A… mountain
which Ivan Jovanovic and his footballers are asked to “climb” in order to stay in the defense of their title, and which is far from easy.

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On the other hand, the football ego of everyone in Panathinaikos has been hurt. Everyone understands that it will take an extra effort for victory to come, not necessarily with a “clean” score, while there has also been the relevant preparation, inside and outside the four lines…

It goes without saying that, in case of achieving the goal and qualifying for the semi-finals of the competition, the benefits will be manifold, for everyone in the Association!

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On the opposite bank, the “bicephalus of the North” is located in conversely “moon”… He goes down to “Apostolos Nikolaidis” being the clear favorite to get the “ticket” for the next phase!

After all, he is also psychologically superior to his opponent, but he also has his… cellar in favor of 2-0 from the first meeting in Toumba.

Obviously, the “job” is not yet done for Razvan Lucescu and his team, who know that they must present themselves completely focused to avoid what, if it happens, will appear to be a… disaster, given the circumstances that have developed.

On a competitive level, now the problems for Panathinaikos are in the names of the injured Magnuson and the punished Schenkefeld. On the contrary, Mr Kleinheisler was made available to Jovanovic for the first time, while the same is expected to be done with him Mancini today.

Specifically, the home team is made up of Brignoli, Lodingin, Christogeorgos, Vagiannidis, Huancar, Ruben, Pouhats, Ioannidis, Kleinheisler, Sporar, Bernard, Sanchez, Tserin, Tsokai, Kourbelis, Sideras, Kotsiras, Sarlia, Palasios, Poungouras, Verbits and Kyriopoulos.

While as far as PAOK is concerned, the El Kandouri, Tsoushis, Lyratzis, Qualiata and Murg they are wounded and uncounted, as is the unprepared Kurtic.

In the mission of the “black and white” are the Z. Zivkovic, Kotarski, Talikhmanidis, Vieirinia, Sastre, Ingason, Nashberg, Koulierakis, Rafa Soares, Felipe Soares, Schwab, Dadas, Douglas, Ricardo, Constantelias, Narey, Bisesvar, A. Zivkovic, Tyson, Jimas, Oliveira and Brandon.

Possible lineups:

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic, 4-3-3): Lodingin, Vagiannidis, Sarlia, Poungouras, Pouhats, Ruben, Kourbelis, Tserin, Palasios, Sporar, Bernard.

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu, 4-2-3-1): Kotarski, Vieirinia, Ingason, Koulierakis, Rafa Soares, Dandas, Augusto, Zivkovic, Constantelias, Narey, Oliveira.

Referee: Villjanen (Finland).

Assistants: Lampu (Finland), Vireavoori (Finland).

Fourth referee: Fotias (Pellas).

VAR: Bar (Israel).

AVAR: Meidanas (Achaia).

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