Zervas: “If he reaches 70% of the match against Real, Olympiacos won’t have a problem tonight”


The latest news of Olympiakou in view of tonight’s match against Maccabi Tel Aviv at SEF, for the 21st matchday of the Euroleague, carried by Nikos Zervas to News Bulletin 247.

Maccabi is another team outside of Israel and Olympiacos should never allow it. He needs to get one win to lock up the top eight and I don’t know how he won’t get the four wins he needs to do that. The first bet for me is Olympiacos to protect the win and get another win in a hot January“, the team reporter initially reported.

One of the keys is not allowing Maccabi, and by comparison Baldwin, to find his defense off balance. Something that happened in Tel Aviv and subsequently lost the eggs and the Easter eggs. It must have the 4th quarter as a compass“, he added.

And he concluded by saying:Based on the image that Olympiacos had against Real last Friday and if he reaches 70% of that performance, he will not have a problem. Good for Maccabi to win and have the advantage, in case of any tie that may arise until the end of the Euroleague regular season».

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