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Atromitos, crumpled in a match in Ioannina, missed a chance with a penalty by Nini in the 92nd minute for PAS!


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Standing in Ioannina, Atromitos threw away an opportunity PAS.

The Epirus were superior in the first but the visitors stepped up in the second, with a 1-1 final leaving them happy Peristerians who saw him Gianniotis to shoot at 90’+2′ (with the help of his crossbar) penalty kick of Nini and be done hero.

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Mediocre first half, in which PAS prevailed and redeemed it in the 32nd minute with Balan to find the net with close range, another match the second and especially from 75′ onwards. Coleman’s side equalized in the 77th minute with a fine finish from him Jovara and remained undefeated for the 5th consecutive match.

In the mind of the coaches

With 4-3-3 Thanasis Staikos Staikos represented PAS Ioannina. Tsintotas under the posts, Soria and Pelios the backs, with Pantelakis and Bakadimas being the pair of stoppers. Karahalios, Gino and Rienstra in the center. Pamlidis and Moreira on the “wings”, with Balan at the top of the attack.

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With the same formation o Fearless. In goal, Gianniotis, the full backs Keshrinda and Athanasiou, while Hatzisaias and Struggis were the duo of stoppers. Erlingmark, Gondaleth and Rotariou the trio in midfield, with Robaye and Fridjonsson playing on the “wings”, while Kjartansson was at the top.

The match

The first minutes were informative, the good phase was absent, but in a match between two almost equal teams, PAS Ioannina was the one who played better. In the 5th minute he celebrated 1-0, but in the end it didn’t happen at that point. THE Moreira made a nice move initially and a good cross afterwards with Soria putting Gianniotis through after his clever move without the ball. However, his teammate was a bit behind the opposing defense.

THE Fearless he struggled to keep the ball and threaten in the first half, except for a few occasions, showing somewhat more aggressive moods after 15′ and before the PAS goal. Where he had misplaced headers with Strugis (15′) and Erlingmark (27′). The hosts were the ones who had more duration in their game and consistently more intensity.

PAS Ioannina-Atromitos 1-1

In the 32nd minute, they were rewarded for their superiority, with Moreira and Pelios working together from the left and the Greek full-back making a fine cross, with Pamlidis seeing Hatzisaia almost clear the line after the header, while the Greek striker aimed from new in the same way to score, but o Balan “stole” his glory by projection. In the final stretch of the first half, Atromitos turned up the pace, looking for the equalizing goal. PAS did not find a good phase either he rightfully went to the locker room with a lead.

THE PAS Ioannina looked for more pressure in the first half, but this was not easy, as Atromitos necessarily entered the second half with more momentum than they showed in the first 45 minutes. The first good moment after the break occurred in the 52nd minute and it was for Atromitos, with Strugis heading in and Kiartansson missing with a projection from a difficult position. PAS threatened in the 60th minute, with Pelios shooting from the left and turning for Rienstra who missed from a good position.

The longer the match went on, the more risks Atromitos had to take, who threatened in the 77th minute with Kuen’s shot from outside the area, but found the 1-1 seconds later. Athanasiou crossed and Tzovaras surprised the opposing defense with a nice body movement and a nice finish.

In final straight the match became… russian roulette, but the truth is that PAS came much closer to the 2nd goal. After missing big chances with Moreira (80′) and Nini (86′) before the 92′ phase, with the former missing with a header from contact and the latter failing to find the net from height of the penalty. As if it mattered.

THE Fearless he almost escaped with the double, since in the 88th minute, Tzavidas had a missed shot in the 88th minute. He finally escaped with a draw, as in stoppage time Hatziisaia overthrew Tzima in the area. THE Nini he took it upon himself, executed penalty down and the in-form Gianniotis fell well into his left corner, found the ball which he hit at beam and then walked away. Atromitos was not satisfied with 1-1 and looked for… a golden goal almost in exhalation with Keshrinda forcing an impressive intervention from Tsintotas who took a low shot.

The film of the match via

MVP: Gianniotis! He takes a penalty at 90’+2′ and keeps Atromitos standing against PAS. The operations of the Greek goalkeeper are decisive for the 2nd consecutive game. Very good performance from Pelion on the part of PAS, but the spotlight rightly falls on the… guardian angel of the guests.

Whistle: Good refereeing in Ioannina. The penalty was rightly awarded at the end. He correctly missed Soria’s goal in the 5th minute for offside in a completely borderline phase that was seen by VAR.

PAS Ioannina (Thanasis Staikos): Tsintotas, Soria, Pelios, Pantelakis, Bakadimas, Karachalios, Rienstra (83′ Nini), Gino (63′ Liassos), Moreira, Pamlidis (72′ Tzimas), Balan.

Fearless (Chris Coleman): Gianniotis, Keshrinda, N. Athanasiou, Hatziisaias, Strungis, Gonzales, Erlingmark (58′ Economidis), Fridjonsson (58′ Kuen), Rotariou (66′ Tzovaras), Robai, Kiartanson (58′ Tzavidas).

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